[Archive] Tau or Necrons?


For once, i have found two 40k armies i love- Tau+Necrons. I cannot decide on wich one to be… What is your opinion?


Necrons all the way… Much more solid army… Even with the phase out and the slight less good glancing… Tau are very fragile and cant handle mistakes…

Pyro Stick:

Definately Necrons. I find that you need to buy much less models for a necron army than a tau army.


Neither, but especialy not tau.


Tau ,Necrons are too one dimensional.You will get bored of losing unless you go C’tan and three monoliths cheesyness.Those robots definately need an upgrade

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Necrons are boring. The current army is not nearly as cool as they could be if you read the fluff in the codex and the stories in several of the BL novels. There is almost no way to make a unique Necron army, inevitably they all use the same units and gaming style. So I’d vote for the Tau - even if they are but a small annoyance to the great Imperium of Man and almost not worth being crushed by His glorious armies. :smiley:


Necrons = Warhammer 40k training wheels.


What army would you recommend, GRNDL? The Tau seem nice, but i do know that the Necrons get wiped out, FAST. (Unless i bring out the Nightbringer, and equipt my lord with a Resurrection orb)…


I had the same dilemma and wanted to choose between the two. I ended up going with Tau since the Necrons were due for a re-do.



the world need more TAU(and i got 4000 pts tau:o)


I recommend the army that you like the most, not what others like. Whatever army you choose, its unlikely to be your last, but if you’re serious about it, it will keep you around it for a long time. Note that I didn’t say that you would keep it around it for a long time. If the army is a right mix for you, it will keep your interest.

So, what army would you keep playing, despite defeat after defeat and keep you coming back to play more?

Personally, I play Eldar, but I’ve played Chaos a lot during 3rd Ed and I’m doing Ork Freebooterz now. On the way, I experimented with IG and Tau. I didn’t pick an army that I thought would or could win, but an army that interested me either through the fluff or aesthetics - you’re going to be spending a lot of time with the models, may as well like them.

All these polls will get you is someone else’s opinion and the only one that really matters is your own.


I love the Tau+Necrons. Tau have the some of the most advanced technology, but on the other hand, Necrons almost always have a 1 hit KO, even with the normal Gauss blaster. Its tough… tau… or Necrons…

Im thinking Tau atm. (Despite there terribleness at close combat…)

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I must say Tau, i’ve been collecting them for 6 years and they never fsil to amaze me. Yes they aren’t the best since 5th edition but you can have so many different list compered to Necrons one-way list.


Necrons armie list is VERY LIMMITED. Thats the bad part.

Kera foehunter:

Tau that what i build if i did 40 k


Necrons rule.

Ishkur just challenged you to make a unique army, something he admits that HE himself is incapable of doing. (gasp! :open_mouth: )

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Ishkur just challenged you to make a unique army, something he admits that *HE* himself is incapable of doing. (gasp! :O )

Hehe, indeed! Go forth and wow me, Joshmohr! :hat off


Yup ^^

Im going with the Necrons.