[Archive] Taurus or Lamassu?


If you were only to take one, whihc would you have, a lord on a Great Taurus or a sorcerer lord on a Lamassu? I want to add both eventually, but I only have the time/money to get one done for the Nemesis Crown


I chose the great tarus because its brute streanth is amazing and it breathes fire.Plus it gets to fight in challanges.


I don’t really see any advantage of making your expensive sorceror lord even more expensive and making him easier to target at the same time. I really think the Lamassu is a waste of points especially having fielded one in the past to see if it would work.

The taurus gets my vote, mainly for use in bigger games though.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The Taurus, definitely. Big monsters should rock in battle and scare people, and not help your sorceror become a better target for the enemy!

Lord Archaon:

Great Taurus. It’s great because of his breath.:slight_smile:


my nan armed with a cardy and two umbrellas as handweapons could give the lammansu a good kicking…

the stats of a giant squig… 4x the cost… giant kick me sign?
just say no…


Taurus for the win! I am painting mine right now. :slight_smile:


i agree with all the above statements

and i cant wait to see it Xander:)

Lord Zarkov:

Lammasu used to just about have a use; back when it could join units and when BC were good, the MR2 and terror immunity was nice; now it has no uses.

Taurus looks good, although I must admit I’ve never used it yet

The Flying Beaver:

I too am building my taurus and look forward to using it. The Lammasu is garbage though.


Even if the Lamassu was better (which it isn’t) I would still use the Taurus since it is a better looking miniature.


Lammasu used to just about have a use; back when it could join units and when BC were good, the MR2 and terror immunity was nice; now it has no uses.

Can't characters riding monsters join units now? That more or less stuffs Archaon and the Swords of Chaos, or my Chaos Knights led by a juggernaut rider

Lord Zarkov:

They can as long as:

The combined model is under US5

The monster doesn’t fly

The Lammasu breaks both of these IIRC and is thus doubly ineligible


Does that mean my lord of Tzeentch can no longer join his knights unit if he rides a disc? I modelled a unit of knights riding discs to accompany him, but I may have to use him as ‘counts as’ now which will be confusing to others.

Lord Zarkov:

I believe so; although it is good to remember that Daemon Princes, Exalted Daemons (and even Greater Daemons IIRC) can join units as it is they that fly, not their mount


I don’t see why the Lammasu can’t join bull centaurs and just use their ground movement, it’s just GD being irritating


I don’t see why the disc wouldn’t be able to join the knights as he doesn’t technically fly, does he?

I’m pretty sure it describes it as floating or something.


“Floating” counts as flying except it only moves 15" rather than 20"

Pyro Stick:

I would like to take both in my army as i think they are both cool models (im not saying i tihnk the lamassu is any good). Obviously the right coice would be to take the Taurus because it is much stronger and more useful

Traitor King:

I would have to agree with the others here: Taurus. Monsters are best for beefing up nasty characters, not for giving a wizard a nice ride. Plus its generally nice (bulls head > odd dwarf head).