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Hi everybody,

Im playing a tournament tomorrow and I was wondering, when the prophet is riding the great taurus, what is the stats when in close combat?

Can the attackers choose to attack either to rider or the bull? Or is it the best stats, T, AS and so on?

Also If the ladder is the right answer, does the entire model only have 4 wounds and they are then both dead?

The right answer will earn a slave!

Kind regards

Thommy H:

The Rulebook’s section on ridden monsters will provide you with the correct answers to these queries.


He may allocate to either the rider or the monster. If the monster dies, well then the rider is on foot. If The rider dies, the monster must roll on the monster reaction table.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think those are both the correct answer. They each deserve a slave!


Thanks to the last FAQ being mounted on a monster has just become better, KB no workie.