[Archive] Template & Look out sir question

The Gib:

Played in a game recently and there was an issue I had never run into prior. It had been about a year and half prior to this game I had played Fantasy, so I felt at the time it would be best to just go with my opponents thoughts. I was playing Chaos Dwarfs and he was running High Elves. It was a 600 point game so the units were very small. I fired the Deathshrieker Rocket at his unit of spearmen which housed his BSB and mage. I scored a direct hit so was able to use the 5" template. The template covered all models. There were 15 spearmen and the two characters. My opponent rolled for “Look out sir” and was successful on both. My question is how many wounds should I have rolled. The two arguments are that I scored 17 hits even though there were 2 LOS, which would normally go against another model. The other is that you cannot hit more models than there are with a template. The way we played I rolled 15 hits. This did not impact the game so it turned out not to be a big deal, I was just wondering if there is somewhere in the rulebook that addresses this issue. We are playing in an escalation league so it is very possible this will come up again. If there is something in the rulebook that clarifies this that would help.

Da Crusha:

on page 93 of the small rule book it says another model would take the wound. so you should have rolled 17 dice. I have not seen a rule stating that you can’t hit more models than there are with a template.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ve always played it as rolling 17 dice. This is one of those cases where game-mechanics don’t quite line up with logic.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It does fit with logic - they take a hit twice, lol :stuck_out_tongue: They may only have 1 wound, but there’s no reason they can’t b hit more than once. Any wounds caused over the initial number are lost (in this case, transferred - if you killed “16 or 17” when rolling, two of the wounds caused are wasted).