[Archive] Thanks and Introduction - Long


Firstly, I would like to thank Willmark for inviting me to join the team. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone.

Secondly, I would like to say I look forward to working with you all. and In addition to any of my other tasks, I see some period of downtime and will offer my services where needed elsewhere. Just ask.

Finally, as I have only been an active member here for a week or so with a long year hiatus before. I would like to introduce myself,

My name is Russ but I tend to go by “Chachi” or “Chach” (Long story)

I am 25 Years old, Married, and have a newborn baby girl names Alyssandra.

I have played Warhammer since 5th Edition and was in the GW Outrider program for 6 years. I have played and owned every fantasy army at some point and only recently became interested in 40k (Orks)

Back in '02 I helped found a site called “Rites of War” it was originally the brainchild of me and a long online friend “Vorpal” it started on the ezboard site and progressed into a full fledged sitem of which I was the lead Admin. Though originally it was a 40k enthusist board, I chiseled out a small fantasy section and within 2 years the entire site have shifted from 40k to a Fantasy board. We had developed 2 member campaigns “Scions of the East” and “Scryers of Tilea”. As well as a Black Gobbo ripoff called “The Green Bum”, in late '06 the site had reached a second Golden Age (the previous being early in the inception) we had a member database of about 400 members of which 2/3rds were active members posting on average of 5 times a week. Everything looked great, but like Rome it fell, I discovered that my long time friend Vorpal and 2 other long time members were using their pool of respect on the site to con newer members into buying armies from them that they would never receive. When it first came to my attention I told Vorpal to make his fraud good, he did. and a few months later it started again. I told him the same spiel, to make it good or else. In the end he didn’t and to stop other members from seeing the same fate of many others. I closed the site and the boards for good. It was around that time that I had became a member here.

For reference, I have no professional experience and any of the things I used on the web… All of it was trial and error and For Dummies Books that got me along.

But I have experience with: PHPbb, MyBB, MySQL, Photoshop, HTML, PHP, DHTML. and hope I can offer more to the site than just this magazine, but I would like to start slow.

Also I have Adobe CS2 Ready and installed so if we need overlap im more than willing.