[Archive] The 2 Black Dragons


Don’t know if these have been mentioned before (I’ve been away for a  long time).  They’re not in the wikki anyway.

Black_Dragons website

Look cool, but can’t find prices.

(and these are definitely conversions of GW dwarves)

They also have a pretty damn awesome Hell Pit Abomination and plague claw catapult.


The company was mentioned some time ago! :wink:

They only make commissioned work - you tell them what you want and they make a suggestion and a price offer!



Yeah, their modeling is pretty sweet, but if I remember right, their casting is questionable at times (I may be thinking of another one, though).  I think you have to contact them personally for prices.  They were pretty active on Ebay for a while, and then they suddenly stopped, so there may be a cease and desist in there somewhere as well…

Lord Fokke:

I like the former Gw dwarf submachine gunner dwarves. Although aside from some helm work, I think I have done much the same on my own army.


This is a very cool site, looking through i have picked up some good ideas to use in my own armies :slight_smile: