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Hey guys,

I was taking some pictures of my models, and I figured I’d show off my WIP stuff here. This is my first real major conversion projects, so I’m pretty new to green stuffing.

First up, my first two warriors that I have made

The one on the right is the first chaos dwarf I ever converted, so his nose isn’t done, which makes him look a bit odd. The paintjobs aren’t finished yet, especially after seeing the bits of green that still remain.

Second up, my Chaos Dwarf Warriors I’m working on at the moment that are in the conversion process (Mostly just Scale Mail chest and shoulderpads to go). Bar the one I’m doing for the Golden Hat competition, I only just chopped that guy up today.

And last up for now, my first two blunderbussers. Still gotta work on refining the end part of the gun, but I’m getting there.


Wow! You are making great progress, those masks are looking ace! Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


I like these alot simple yet chaotic… well done


Thanks, today I did quite a bit. Lots of scale-mailing on my current models. So I’ve got another 3 ready to paint, and 2 that just need shoulderpads on them. Also finished up chainmail on the kilts of the Blunderbusses, so the 3 I’ve done of those are nearly set.

My model for the competition is coming along nicely as well. I completed a scale-kilt for him today, so in the next few days I’ll probably finish up with the scale-mail breast plate. Because I want the model to stand out, both in the competition and in my army, I’m taking my time on it and doing everything from lowest to highest layer. So scale-mail undernearth, then beard, then face, helmet/mask. Hopefully it’ll turn out really well.


A one year, and 20 day bump. Bump of the century?

I’ve been lurking around here, having not done much on my Chaos Dwarves. They were packed up when I moved about 3/4 of a year ago, and it wasn’t until recently that I started some work again.

Originally, I got my BfSP Dwarves from a Friend, he then decided to do a Dwarf Warband, and wanted the Slayer for it. I traded it back to him for a regular dwarf from the regiment box, since I wanted to see what I could do with it. I figured I’d try converting it into something that resembled the art I had for the Sorcerer in my avatar. I also pulled out my model I was making for Painting Contest 2 : Rykarth the Unbreakable since I grabbed a 2-handed Axe off the friend as well. And then… they sat there… and sat there… and sat there, while I was doing other stuff for my Red Host army. Eventually, I had enough of them sitting there, and decided to take a break from my Red Host, and started working on them again.

So first up, Rykarth.

The only stuff I’ve really done recently are the arms. The shoulderpad I only put on tonight, so obviously isn’t finished yet. You may notice scratches and stuff on the armour - fully meant! I figured someone as tough as Rykarth, would have been through many battles. So they’re the wear and tear on the armour. Other than that, everything else was done when I was beginning with Green stuff, almost a year ago. I’d hope that I’ve improved since then :wink:

Second, is my Sorcerer. I’ve almost done his arms, but I was working on the beard today so they haven’t been attached yet. He’ll be holding two balls of fire, since he is supposed to be my fire sorcerer. Still got some work to do, but I think he’s turned out nicely so far.

Kera foehunter:

i like the Sorceror !! you just gave me a good idea…

thank someone2040


Very nice well done. i like the sorcerer and your doin awsome keep it up!