[Archive] The appearance of an slavehunter army


According to your opinion, how should an slavehunter army of the chaos dwarves looks like? Are there bull centaurs or war machines? Are there much magic or just fighting heroes? How many hobbos should be present?

Thank you for yours answers.:slight_smile:


Less magic, more blunderblusses and of course, greenskins by the hundred.


I would say that instead of just greenskins, you’d see a lot of different races being pressed into service - dwarves, humans, elves - all broken down by the rough handling of their CD captors. Lots of whips, carts full of captives, leader riding a palanquin or sedan chair carried by slaves (like the Greasetooth model for Ogres), that sort of thing.

I think it would be a gold heavy colour scheme - these guys probably sell a lot of slaves to Ogres and generally do a lot of good business, so their armour and equipment would be opulent and rich.


Great army concept if you’re good at converting.

Cages, whips, chains, the whold nine yards :cheers


I see lots of hobgobs and ogres, as there would be less in the way of chaos dwarfs. As bull centaurs are religious icons, I personally don’t see them going out on simple slave raids.

But yeah, a slaving army would be great!


I reckon they’d look more rough and ready than regular CDs coz they’d be travelling about a lot. Any slaves pressed into service would likely try and escpae or attack their captors, but loyal minions would do just dandy


For me I seem to think of the DAK and the Afrika Campaign during WW2. The only thing you can have you would have to carry so I would imagine people would be relatively burdened with supplies and scenic bases would show large amounts of supplies. Additionally captured equipment would be common as chances to replace lost or damaged equipment would be rare.

zorn sabretooth:

may i direct to my unnoffical slave unit in rules development as for the look try using fllaggelents p.s sorry if i sound big headed

Hashut’s Blessing:

IMO, the lists you describe seem to be successfully completed slave-raids, that have somehow broken the slaves to fight for them already before returning. i would say few, if any slaves. mostly Chaos dwarfs, give them nets for BBs and Man-catchers as Great Axes. Some magic, but mostly shadow (don;t want to damage your cargo now!), lots of fine armour and probably a lot of stolen armour/weapons too to replace any they’ve lost or any that are just better than theirs to begin with. Gaolers as characters :wink: A Prison wagon (perhaps flanked by Bull centaurs) which counts as BCs (might need two if no BCs). I think no BC models as they are more holy warriors and defenders of the temple… A lot of wolfriders or counts as wolfriders… A swift army, essentially. Maybe some Earthshakers, but no other artillery really…