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Cheers Sparrow.

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$190 for all that so far! holy moly you, sir, are a bargain hunter of extreme proportions! I can’t wait to see this force put together!


dncswlf…it’s now about 250 spent, I am waiting on some stuff - Ogres and things - so it’s not as good as that.


My first unit is almost done.  My hobos need hats still and the minotaur needs hooves.  My bases haven’t arrived yet, so I can’t make any more CDs until they do - nor can I base my orcs.  It’s therefore hobgoblins and minotaurs all the way at the minute.

Well, once again I seem to be incapable of uploading these pictures. Clearly I’m doing something wrong by just copy/pasting the “share this” url into the “add photo” box…but I give up anyway…it’s on the flickr link below.


Hey there! Great work on your army. You have some very original conversions going on as well as some great classics such as the Sneaky Gits. It’s always fun to see what people come up with :slight_smile:

I have one point of criticism though, which I hope will only make your army even better. Your Immortals look suitably demonic and quite mean indeed, however the chaos knight arms you used are very cool bits, but they’re just waaay out of scale for a dwarf. If he’d hang his arms down towards the ground he could use his arms to walk instead of his legs :wink:

I like where your warrior is going, the one with the helmet combined with a hat. I’ve strongly been considering doing the exact same thing, but didn’t really get around to trying it. So I’m curious to see how that’ll turn out!

Keep up the great work!


Hi JMR - I agree with you on the arms and I’m looking at ways to trim them down. Dwarf arms are usually a bit longer than human arms, as when they stretch them out on the old CD bighats they reach where their knees would be (if they had any), but mine certainly do need shortening. The hat-helm warrior is more recent and his arms are to scale. I think the easiest way to do it is to trim the forearm back and have long gaunlets up to the elbow joint, which would considerably reduce the arm length. Once I’ve figured it out I’ll post the results.

Thanks for the feedback.

Father Grumpmas:

Some very cool and original ideas bubbling under here - I particularly like your hobgoblin - very cruel and nasty looking.

Looking forward to more.


Hello again old boy.

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Here’s your pic.

Hobos and Minotaur by The Bear in the Hat, on Flickr

They look good btw, Good luck with the pic’s,



You’re a bit of a star really aren’t you, Jon? :wink:

New daemonic unit WIP up on the blog.


A guardian for my Alter of Hashut. Very much a WIP.

Da Crusha:

Nice looking army! I especially like the hobgoblins and the minotaur.


The minotaur made of an rat ogre is just great! Get the feeling you wouldnt want to stand in front of him…


Just a quick update to show how the clanrats looks after their surgery.

Any ideas regarding the minotaur conversion are welcome.


So, my ogres arrived. My army list includes ogre enforcers for slave units - ogres hired by chaos dwarfs to keep the slave in line. I plan to do a lot of work on them to make them more Chaos Dwarfy, but here is the before shot:

I’m thinking beard, hat and maybe scale armour. Any ideas?

Akahoushi Rezo:

I love the idea for your minotaurs! Please can I use that idea too for my army? ___


Sure Rezo, you can use any ideas you like. I only did it because (a) I hate the new minotaurs and (b) the models were so cheap.


Hello all.

I’ve made a start on a couple of character models.

I was thinking of giving the priest a beard made of flames, instead of a normal ringlet beard. Help and advice welcome.


Those are two very characterful looking models!! ! Excellent use of bitz from a number of sources there!! Excellent. Be sure to show us the final painted result… just be sure to get those mold lines scraped away :wink:



Hey Nico. I tend to get rid of mold lines once I’ve got the sculpting work done, dunno why…habit I suppose. You might have to wait a while to see them painted, as I have no paints right now.

Any thoughts on what I can do to improve them? I was thinking that I’d sculpt some daemonic faces into the fire on the lord’s sword and he obviously still needs his beard. I am undecided on how to do the beard there, as I want to keep his breast-plate visible - it kind of looks like Hashut, so it adds more character. Should I do a shorter beard, which seems on a dwarf character, or give the bread a parting? If I part it I may tuck it into a belt or something.

There’s a lot more work to do on the priest than the lord. I have to think about whether to give him a flaming beard or a normal one and I also don’t like the fact his feet are on a solid-looking base; I think I’ll model more flame around the feet to tie it in. I’m also going to carry the flaming theme onto the hammer. Can you see anything that might work well?

Anyone with any ideas is welcome to share them…any criticism is also welcome, so long as it’s helpful.


You have good eyes Nicodemus, where are those mold lines?

They are looking very nice though, looking forward to seeing a splash of colour on these.