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This is just a heads-up regarding my blog - http://newwoldchaosdwarfs.blogspot.com/ - which I am keen to get a few people interested in, in order to keep up my motivation to finish a large (for me) project.

I started off in Warhammer just buying any models I liked so that I could bathe them in paint and then stare proudly at where their details used to be.  I have always suffered for this, as I tend to have the attention span of an…oh, look at that…

For this reason, I have a number of different armies and I have only ever “finished” two; my High Elves (12,000 points in the old rules) and Dwarves (probably about 7k of those in the new).  But these guys took me years to get around to painting and because I had moved on to new pastures by then I rarely gamed with them.

This time all will be different, with your help.  I’d like anyone who is interested in the idea to help me out by just letting me know what you think or giving me the benefit of your experience collecting Chaos Dwarfs.

Once I am up-and-running I will post pictures of my latest attempts on the blog and here (if that’s okay with the mods) so that people can see what I’m up to and give their views.

At the end of the 6 months there will be prizes (bribes) for people I thought were really helpful and even cake [there won’t really be cake].

As of now I have just bought the very first units for my new army.  10 Wolf Riders, 5 Bull Centaurs, 40 Hobgoblins, 5 of a special orc unit type I’m working on (also am making rules for these) and 2 hobgoblin characters.  This little lot cost me $35 and hopefully I can get some pictures to you guys in 2-3 weeks, once I’m settled in.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the blog.U

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Wow - sounds like you got some great deals on ebay! Looking forward to seeing the pictures…


10 Wolf Riders, 5 Bull Centaurs, 40 Hobgoblins, 5 of a special orc unit type I'm working on (also am making rules for these) and 2 hobgoblin characters.  This little lot cost me $35 and hopefully I can get some pictures to you guys in 2-3 weeks, once I'm settled in.

$35 :o :o x.x
Jealousy... building... :D

Can't wait to see your stuff, and the blog looks like you're well under way. Sounds like you might be getting close to being able to field a small Hobgoblin-only army ;)



At the end of the 6 months there will be prizes (bribes) for people I thought were really helpful and even cake

You're just a cake tease!

Looking forward to the pictures.


Hello all. Thanks for having a look at the blog.

To Zobo and Nicodemus…well because the army budget is part of the blog target I have had to be really strict about how much I spend. There have been a lot of things I have had to let pass by because the bidding went a couple of dollars over what I had budgeted for them. By my thinking, there is so much on ebay that things will come round again and again in the 6 months and I’ll eventually find some at the right price.

Cornixt - I am indeed a filthy cake tease.

Anyway, thanks again for the replies and I hope I can produce something you all enjoy; as well as finishing my army.


Lol at the cakes! :slight_smile:

welcome and hope to see piccies soon!


Firstly, my thanks to “Pyro” - who has become my first Thrall on the blog.

I have just added my 2 Great Taurus’ to my army…though they will need riders.  The stuff for the conversions came in at as close to $16 as makes no difference.


The blog now has a list of the bribes that will be given to helpful people.


Posted some new rules for Blunderbusses that I have tried using stand-in models. They seem to work pretty well, but feedback would be helpful. Thanks.


Hello Bear,

First a welcome to the site.

I just took a quick butchers at your new blunderbuss rules and I thought of a couple of points.

How many ranks get to fire? I’m seeing 10 str 4 bolt thrower shots in a 5x2 unit or if keeping with the RH concept up to 3 ranks worth. Make it a 30+ strong horde unit of Auto hitting str 4 bolt throwers and I wouldn’t want to face that on the battlefield (even with the lower extreme range strength). Plus calculating hits is going to take ages for 30 shots and the penetrate ranks rule.

Auto Hit makes it a much more dangerous weapon. The 4+ we need to hit currently counters the huge potential number of hits we can get.

How does it affect single multi wound models?

I don’t mean any of this to make you feel I’m attacking your idea, I think it has a lot of promise. Just perhaps needs a few tweaks to make it work.�??I also feel that the blunderbuss rules need to be addressed.

I wish you all the best of luck with your goal. I hope you make it.

And I can’t wait to see your CD’s (if they’re anything like your deamons then they’re going to be awesome).



To be honest Sparrow I haven’t taken a unit larger than 10 yet and I was thinking of making anything under 12" strength 3.  I think you make good points.

As I said in the post I have just started working on these a few games ago and that’s why I was looking for input; so even if you want to attack then attack away, I’m not sensitive.

The issue is trying to represent the big screen of fire that a blunderbuss unit is meant to produce without making calculating hits impossible.  I was thinking that perhaps limiting the shots to penetrating one rank would fix the issue of calculating hits.  So you’d effectively get one extra hit per wound caused but with a strength modifier.  That’s only one extra lot of rolls and it doesn’t seem to over-power the weapon too much.

Thanks very much for your feed back and if you get a chance to play test the rules in a game against friends I’d like to know how you get on…maybe making your own modifications?

edit rolling to hit is an option, but given the nature of a weapon maybe they should get +1 to hit. Against multi-wound units is a good question to raise, especially if they are not large tagets. I shot a unit of ogres and had an issue there but we decided to infer that instead of pentrating ranks the entire volume of fire went into the larger creatures and so you just get another hit per wound.

So perhaps +1 to hit, strength 3 and each wound causes an extra hit at -1 strength would resolve the above issues?


I edited the post Sparrow, to reflect the ideas and questions you put forward.  I’ll try that the next time I get a game, but I’m not sure when that will be as I’m off to Maine shortly.

edit again  I think the trouble with the blunderbuss is the dwarf handgun.  They get +1 to hit, strength 4, armour piercing and 24" range.  Chaos Dwarfs woudln’t go into battle with a worse weapon, they could clearly make handguns if they wanted, so the blunderbuss has to have lots of character but also be effective and give its users a reason to carry it.  If you have any ideas I’d be really happy to hear them.


Have added a new “units wot I got” list to the blog.

Also wondered what experience people have with Avatars of War models and whether they are worth getting.


So, I have made a start on my first units (finally). I’ve almost completed a couple of Immortals and Sneaky Gits, but I was wondering what the Golden Hat rules were before I put pictures up. Not that the models are very good, but it would be fun to enter. I seem to recall people saying that if you post pictures of models you can’t then enter them for GH, but does that mean specific models or models of a certain type? Feedback appreciated.

Either way I’ll put a few pictures up on the blog shortly.


The first pictures are now up on the blog. Immortals first, Sneaky Gits should be up shortly.


Hey guys. I’ve had a few issues uploading pictures to this site, so I’ve created a Flickr account so that people don’t have to go through the blog if they just want to have a look at photos. It can be found here.


I’ll upload some pics of a very WIP Chaos Dwarf warrior in a couple of hours (he even has a hat!), there are some close-ups of my WIP Immortals in the meantime. The Immortals now have cloaks and are waiting for me to give them fur over their shoulders ala the previous edition plastic Chaos Knights (which were great models, if a bit static).





Sneaky Gits


Hey Bear, those pic’s don’t seem to be working.

I really like the warrior model, the tall helm is kinda the look I was going for with mine. It looks great with the chaos warrior helmet.

I think you’ll get a bit more feedback in here once you get those images to show.

I still check out your blog from time to time. Looking forward to seeing your colour schemes.



Hello Jon. Yeah, I can see that they are not working. I tried to upload pictures as add-ons but it won’t do that either.

The warrior is seriously early in the process of work, so it will hopefully get better. You may wait a while for my colour scheme as I’m told I can’t have my paints posted to America due to anti-terror laws.

I don’t expect too much feedback, I’m doing it mostly to keep myself in a rythem so I keep working on the models…though obviously all feedback is great; so thanks for your’s.

I like the tall helm, too. I think the scale is right and tall helms give the “hat” look a purpose in battle. Plus the way I’m making the hat is so easy that it makes producing units easy.



Immortal by The Bear in the Hat, on Flickr


Immortal Two by The Bear in the Hat, on Flickr


Hobgoblin by The Bear in the Hat, on Flickr

Sneaky Gits

Sneaky Gits by The Bear in the Hat, on Flickr


Warrior - very much a WIP by The Bear in the Hat, on Flickr

Ok Bear, to post photos just copy the BBcode from the “share this” tab. It’s a direct copy and paste into your post text so it’s pretty straight forward.