[Archive] The Beast within (Pic heavy blog)


Another warband, hungry for battle and lured by the lucrative prices and the appealing properties of the imfamous substance wyrdstone, has set out for Mordheim. This is my blog for Khothor and his warband that will (hopefully :D) rise to power and gain favour in the eyes of the dark gods.

This is my warband so far:

I will be starting the campaign with this warband which equals exactly 500gc and should pack a punch in combat and has enough speed to get there relatvly unharmed. In the second photo this is who they are and what they have (left to right) :

Back row - Gor w/ sword and shield, Minotaur w/ Double-Handed weapon, Gor w/ Battle Axe and Shield.

Middle row - Shaman w/ Battle Axe, Bestigor w/ Double-Handed weapon

Front row - Chieften w/ Battle Axe and Light Armour

Hopefully some photos of them painted will be uploaded bsoon once I’m done and as each pic goes up I’ll give some fluff about the model to accompany them.

I will take on board any advice on painting and gaming and will hopefully be able to reap the full benefits of using a minotaur in a skirmish game :cheers


Maybe move this to off topic showcase…

Anyway, never tried out Beastmen in Mordheim. But the models and idea seems cool. The beasts leaving the forests must be a sign of doom… Would like bigger pics once painted though! :wink: