[Archive] The Big Thread of Zanzibar [10/11/08]



I’ve been lurking here for a couple of months as I ease myself back into the Warhammer hobby like an old man into a warm bath, after a hiatus of about 3 years, but now my bathwater just hit boiling and I figured an army blog would help with my motivation.

The cause of my consternation is my having just discovered not an hour earlier, during a trip to my local independent retailer for some glue and flock, that next Tuesday, 7 days from today, the shop will be starting a map-based campaign for fantasy with an intriguing double blind battle system whereby players will determine which army they’ll be going up against by occupying a territory and fighting whoever else chose to move into that space. That all sounds pretty standard, only moves across the map will be kept secret from other players, so your (hopefully my) opponent would be a surprise every battle. Sort of like stumbling around in the dark, with swords.

Anyway, down to business. I’ve been taking it slow and steady these past few weeks, mostly just converting up my five war machines. I’m guilty of having jumped straight to the fun stuff, but with good reason. Converting my army from modern plastics as I am, I’ve hit a roadblock: hats. I have no idea how I’m going to make them, despite trying many different methods, which has halted progress on the rank-and-file and left me dejected.

My desire to enter into this tournament (1000 point armies) rekindled my spirit however, then promptly smashed it into the turf as I realized I need to assemble, convert, and paint 90% of an army in seven days. While I don’t believe it impossible, it is surely a tall order, and I’m still plagued by that hat issue. I also haven’t played a game of Warhammer since 2001, so there’s some rules review to be done.

With typical pessimism, I think I’ll be entering a week late.

Here’s my list (using Dwarf rules):


-Taskmaster (Thane)


-19 Warriors w/ hand weapons, shields, musician, and standard bearer

-10 Blunderbussiers (Thunderers) w/ shields and musician


-15 Oppressors (Hammerers) w/ shields, musician, and standard bearer

-Deathrocket (Grudgethrower)

-Bolt Thrower


-Suitably Scary Name (Organ Gun)

I had wanted 10 Slavers (Quarrellers w/ great weapons) in place of the Organ Gun, but the gun is done and that means fewer dwarfs to make.

So I’ve got one week to turn this mess into an army:

I figure commiting to a nightly update here will give me the impetus I need to get stuff done. Here’s to hoping.


You’re going to need beards. Lotsa beards. And hats. Big hats. Yeah, definitely hats. :slight_smile:


I’m totally agreeing with GRNDL, you’ll definetly need Lotsa ‘rasta’ beards and big heads and masks (if you like them).

You can do hats from those plastic pins one can buy everywere - just be shure to cut off the metal needle first. I think there are some tutorials floating around here.

If you want to enter them in the campain this means you have a 7 days deadline, right?

If I did the math right thats 7 dwarfs per day… I guess its possible though I know I myself are much slower.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I think those plastic pins are the best option for you. Although there are better ways to do it, using those is beside easy, probably a very quick method. I think it’s definattely what you should do.

I hope you can manage to get it all done. Good luck!

Kera foehunter:

great start of your army !!!i like the canon

good luck !! i can only find time but only on the weekend to do stuff

that great if you can find time durring the week


then what are you doing wasting time posting here? Cracks whip

All kidding aside good work and make sure you keep this up to date.