[Archive] The bitz of Kris Aubin's Kollossus?


Can someone please help me identify the bitz of Kris Aubin’s gorgeous Kollossus/anvil of doom stand-in.

I know it has a hell-cannon bull daemon skull.

I know it has sentinel legs…

But what do those rounded kollossus shoulder pads come from?

What about those awesome energy beacons?

The control section? etc. etc. etc…

I’d really like to re-create this beauty but in my own style. But I’d really like to use some of those bitz I can’t identify. Thanks!



The legs look like they’re from an IG Sentinel.

Not sure about the other parts.


the shoulder pads are from the wh40k ork buggy

and the hi-tech devise is from the big mek


thank you!

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Kera foehunter:

nice post  Che !!! i going to steal the pope of hashut thow!!
what a cool guy !!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The head is obviously from the Hell Cannon. The legs are definitely from a sentinel (or rather, two of them). The neck piece seems to be leg of an Ork killa can.

Ancient History:

I believe the raygun gothic antennae are from an Ork Big Mek.


oh my god, that IS the pope of hashut!

aha! that does look like the leg of a deff dred or killa can for the neck…

so bitz needed:

- skull from hellcannon
(easy. just order the hellcannon and don’t use the skull on it. not a big fan of the skull used on the actual hellcannon.)

- 2 sets of sentinel legs
(easy to order on battlewagon bitz)

- 2 ork big mekz
(pricey! perhaps there’s an alternative for antennas or mechanical bitz… any suggestions? possibly order plastic trophy racks from chaos terminators for a spikey alternative… though less arcane-technology-ish…)

- 1 ork warbuggy
(cheap enough… would come with cool extra bitz too)

- 1 ork killa kan  - or - can use my metal crane claw from gorkamorka (this looks nearly identical)
(was plannin on getting one to convert into a CD iron golem anyway… can always replace a part of the leg with some fleshy bound daemonage from the spawn kit… then use the leg peice for the neck of the kollussi)

any suggestions on how i could customize, alter, or improve mine?  perhaps some weapon options mounted on the sides??

anyone know what might have been used for the crewman control area? (and the crewman himself)

where is kris aubin anyway? does he not post here?




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Kera foehunter:

see told you!! that the only bit i know beside the hell canon piece

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Wow Servious! I hope you have enough for the Batallion Boxes! Remeber that the GW people are getting them at a reduced rate.


- 2 ork big mekz
(pricey! perhaps there's an alternative for antennas or mechanical bitz... any suggestions?  possibly order plastic trophy racks from chaos terminators for a spikey alternative... though less arcane-technology-ish...)


I'd suggest using the power pylons from Battle for MacCragge, bound to be available online, they sorta look alike, same basic idea a bit different execution.


I’d suggest buying the Orc Wagon, lots of nice plates!