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Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’m tired of hiding my Sorcerer-Prophet in the back of my army like he’s a spindly, wee elf.  My Wizard is a badass, death-machine cutting down his enemies like the wheat they are so he’s now leading from the front!  However this decision has led me to changing out some of his gear.  So I’m going to start running with the Black Hammer of Hashut but I have a question as to how the ‘flammable models are slain’ part works.  When a spell like Dwellers Below is cast upon two-part model like a character riding a dragon (for example), you choose the highest stat to test against and if the test is failed, the whole model is removed.  Same for Purple Sun and the like.  Final Transmutation is also a one-test-for-the-whole-model scenario.  Those are the only situations I know of similar to the Black Hammer which isn’t perfect but is the closest analogy I can think of.  So if I were to wound the dragon in our example, would the whole model be slain?  I’m the first to say that sounds a bit cheezy but it actually does sound right in my head.  Sure does makes Cauldrons of Blood and Plague Furnaces easier to deal with…  How do others interpret the hammer’s effect?


I’d play it as

Wound the mount = mount slain

Wound the rider = rider slain

Wound a combined model like monstrous cav = entire model slain


I agree with Noisy, seeing as the black hammer only has this effect with close combat attacks, you direct you attacks to either the monster/chariot(/two or more part model) or the rider. Its not as if you attack both parts.


I agree with Noisy also. You can though make 2 att at the mount and 1 on the rider, and hope both fail save/ward save;)


 Sure does makes Cauldrons of Blood and Plague Furnaces easier to deal with... 

Grimbold Blackhammer
As a side-note the DeathShrieker is perfect against such models (when it hits), since both rider & mount each take a S8 D6 wounds.


Concerning the Black Hammer of Hashut: It’s a pleasure to strike a single wound with it on Ogre generals when Ashstorm is active.


I’m gonna try this for my next battle (if the size permits it). It will be a nasty surprise for my enemies. My BSB is allways challenge for single combat by nasty guys in too much armor.


I use it all the time as my normal build was:

Prophet on Hashut



Now I am running:

Prophet on Hsshut


Lammasu on Fire

All other equipment, including ward is dependant on points allowance.


It is as simple as it sounds, do 1 wound to something that is flammable and it dies. Its not like whatever you smack will have access to a 1+ and a 4++. Most things out there will be well armored, and in a challenge the characters will also have wards. So while it feels cheeky thing to do it will not be easy to pull off. Get the spell off, then hit the target (ws5, means you hit most things on 4+) wound it and then they fail armour save and fail ward save. Alot of steps to get a big reward.


I think it is one of the nicer items because it gets overlooked. So many people moan about the chalice and the Kdaii Destroyer but when you Ashstorm a steamtank or a daemonprince, cause one wound and then inform your opponent it is gone - you look at his face! I have had people actually trying to find loop holes in the Tamurkhan book and rulebook when I have done this.

Like you said, there are steps to get there which means it isn’t broken but the reward for all that work is so rewarding.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Actually it’s a harder combination that that even! First you have to take the Lore of Hashut, then you have to roll the spell, then you have to have a wizard in range and actually get the spell off. And THEN you have to wound… Bearing all that in mind coupled with GWs decision to consider multi-part models to be a single model, I am personally leaning towards the whole model is gone. I’ve emailed Forgeworld as well so hopefully something semi-official will arrive.


The harder, the sweeter, I say. Enemies of Hashut, beware.

Good call on the E-mail.

Kaleb Daark:

noisy is right in this.

Characters riding monsters (dragons/ wyverns/ manticores et al) - you have the choice of whether to direct the attack at the monster or the rider.

Monstrous cavalry (juggernauts / demigryphs/ plaguedrones/ mourn fangs etc) have one set of wound characteristics, and use the highest which is often the mount, but are treated as one model - which is golden for taking a chariot out.

In the same way that cannon can choose to blast you off your Lamassu or Bale taurus or blast the mount, so can you choose who you direct the attack against i the case of the high smurf dragon rider.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Actually cannons now hit all parts of the model as it is now considered…drum roll a single model.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Here’s Forgeworld’s reply…

When a model with the Hammer strikes a model that has multiple definable parts then only the flammable part or parts would be killed outright rather than the whole model. Only the close combat attacks with the Hammer benefit from it’s special rules.

If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.


Forge World

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Sounds to me like casting Ashstorm on a character mounted on the dragon and wounding the dragon - the whole model pops!



tell me more about this free shipping!!

If you’re going to make him a combat man, try the potion of foolhardy. 1 extra attack and ITP don’t hurt for a small price