[Archive] "The Black Watch" LoA 1000pts


My buddy and i played a couple of 1000pt games today the first being a battle between Chaos Dwarfs and Skaven and the second being Vampire Counts vs Dwarfs.

The fluff behind the list is that they man a Sentry Post to the South of the Black Fortress and have been sent locate and verify the presence of Warpstone in the area after a Meteor Storm raged through the region. While on patrol they happen across a Skaven excavation team with escort that is busily extracting the Wyrdstone busily. Setting up a rear guard the Skaven beat a hasty retreat and the Black Watch sent their Hobgoblin Slaves to chase down and cut off the Skaven parties retreat and force their rearguard to face the Chaos Dwarf artillery train.

The Black Watch (1000pts)

“Marduk Soter Watch Cammander” Deamonsmith (997pts)


Level 1 Wizard

Charmed Shield

"Nergal-ushezib Bringer of Dread" Infernal Castellan (150pts)


Shrieking Blade

Enchanted Shield

Ironcurse Icon

"The Dathabam of Ador" 21 Infernal Guard (405pts)

Standard and Champion

Hailshot Blunderbuss

Gleaming Pennant

"Hashut’s Begotten" 3 Bull Centaur Renders (135pts)

Extra Hand Weapons

"Aga" Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (100pts)

“Daeva Aal” Deathshriekder Rocket Launcher (125pts)

The Castellan went with the Blunderbuss unit which set up 11 wide initially. The Renders set up to the left of Blunderbuss unit with the war machines setting up on a hill behind the Blunderbuss unit 6 inches apart. The Deamonsmith hung out between the two war machines.

Long story short we ended the game at the top of the 6th as he only had a unit of Jazzails that was not fleeing and his BSB and general were both dead :yar

I will make a battle report and post it within the next couple of days.


I love 1000 pint battles! Sounds like your list did well, which I would expect looking at it as it’s a tough looking list. The only thing I thought odd was the Gleaming Pennant on the Infernal Guard with BSB?! You can’t reroll a reroll!

Get the battle report written up so we can baske in your victory!