[Archive] The blurry legion


Sorry in advance for poor image quality, my digicam is dead so I’m using my webcam which is old and pretty crappy.


Bolt Thrower:

CD hero:

CD Lord (this is the model I’m going to use for the special character in Nemesis):

He is based off of the Grom model from the orc range (I got grom NIB for 10$ at my LGS because it was cheaper than buying three wolves seperatley, so I figured I’d use him).

More pics later once my camera is feeling better :frowning:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



From what I see it’s awsome I especaly like your earth shacker.


Seems like your conversions are very well done ven if you camera is not :slight_smile: Shall be intersting to see it all done and painted.

Traitor King:

well from what i can see, you models look great!

i lrealy like the bolt thrower (i think :))

can you get some better pictures up soon?


Looks like a great earthshaker. Is that CD hero based on the mafia-like gnoblar trapper?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the earthsaker, just wish it was all bigger, but that’s personal.

Bolt thrower looks clever. Organ gun with spears if I’m not mistaken?

Can’t see much of the hero, but the head looks good :smiley:

And I like the Grom the Paunch idea :smiley:


Love the 'shaker, what exactly did you use?


Looks like a dwarf cannon from the cannon/organ gun kit, the chariot yoke from Grom the Paunch’s chariot, and a warhammer 40k vehicle bit on the front below the cannon barrel.

Very, very nice.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nice work with the Earthshaker. I agree with HB though, it looks more like a cannon now. Maybe just changing the angle a bit will help to make it look more like a mortar.