[Archive] The Bolter and the Daemonforged Golem, by Zhargonidus


[align=center]The Bolter and the Daemonforged Golem, by Zhargonidus[/align]

Once upon a time, there was a bolter who screwed bolts through nuts in metal plates and beams of every kind, and who could install roof support bolts in mining tunnels with fractured ceilings. All this he knew, yet the bolter knew little moderation in his work, and he would often apply too much force and continue to screw bolts further in where sounder men would know it to be enough. One day, the bolter was honoured with the task of fastening fresque-adorned bronze plates onto the hull of a Daemonforged Golem.

The bolter turned the bolts in the screw threads until the fastenings were made hard, yet the bolter continued to screw in the stuck bolts for far too long until finally, one of the bolt heads snapped and fell to the floor with a clink. The sound made the construct come alive.

“Why have you destroyed my bolted joint? Would you see my plates fall off my frame? Would you see your hide fall off your body?” asked the Daemonforged Golem.

“The head of the bolt was too weak to endure screwing,” complained the bolter.

“The head of the bolter was too weak to endure screwing,” replied the Daemonforged Golem, and twisted the bolter’s head off his shoulders. For such is the fate of the careless.

- The Bolter and the Golem, by Despot Zhargonidus Doombeard, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories, of our present time

Ikkred Pyrhelm:

Give that golem a medal! (And now i’m imagining some form of golem olympics. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Great work, Admiral! Keep them fables rolling out! :slight_smile:


That’ll teach him.  The bolt head was strong enough, it is the neck that sheared thru.
Golems have OCD about that sort of thing.


@Ikkred Pyrhelm: Haha, we should perhaps arrange a Golem Olympics. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll try to, though it’s not always easy to find fresh areas to explore. Quite a bunch have already been covered here.

@Abecedar: Great point! Have some slaves. :cheers