[Archive] The Bull Chariot and the Goblins in the Gorge, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr


[align=center]The Bull Chariot and the Goblins in the Gorge, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr[/align]

Once upon a time, there was a headstrong chief Bull Charioteer, mighty and glorious to behold in his cruelty. He reigned akin to a god on the battlefield, and the foe was crushed before his thunderous charge. One day, the chief Bull Charioteer led an attack against a Goblin tribe. Headlong he crashed into their ranks, and scattered their broken corpses around him. His blade hewed and hewed, and the Goblins fled before the wrath of him and his host.

The chief Bull Charioteer rushed ahead of his own army, in wild pursuit of the routed enemy. Not even the Bull Centaurs could keep apace with his Bull Chariot. Soon, the Goblins fled shrieking into a narrow gorge.

“We must halt here, lest the rocks in the gorge may tear our carriage asunder,” shouted the chariot driver at the reins.

“Hashut favours the bold. We must trample them here and now,” replied the chief Bull Charioteer.

“Yet the gorge is very narrow,” protested the chariot driver.

“All the better, that will channel the enemy in a line ahead of us. They cannot escape us in that bottleneck. Steer true and mow them down!” roared the chief Bull Charioteer.

The Bull Chariot trundled into the gorge, and crushed dozens of Goblins before it. The petty Greenskins were scared into wild panic and trampled each other in order to escape, yet the Bull Chariot was faster. Suddenly, the whole Bull Chariot winced as it got stuck between the walls of the gorge, and could not move an inch further.

When the Goblins saw this, they took heart and climbed the walls of the gorge. The whole tribe surrounded the stuck Bull Chariot on all sides, and slowly stoned the Bull Charioteers to death. For such is the fate of those who would not heed their surroundings, and who would ignore the conditions of the landscape.

- The Bull Chariot and the Goblins in the Gorge, by Daemonsmith Uhr-Kulmbizharr the Blind, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories during the foundation of Zharr-Naggrund*


* The moral of the story is the fundamental, military maxim of always using the landscape to your advantage, and to avoid disadvantageous positions as if they were weapons of the enemy. Chariots are particularly exposed to difficult terrain. Note the Bull Chariot, an ancient vehicle of war of the Chaos Dwarfs, seldom seen in battle nowadays. The Bull Chariot is drawn by the wingless, bastard sons of male Tauruses and female cattle, although sometimes constructs of possessed Daemons are used. Modern variants of this fable sometimes involves an Iron Daemon instead of a Bull Chariot.


Once more, nice work. These days I can see bull chariots being relegated mostly to ceremonial uses such as triumphal parades and the like :wink:


Thanks! Yup, that’s how I too envision it. Although, sometimes, some eccentric will field one into battle. Counts-as Skullcracker, perhaps? :slight_smile:


Or one of those WoC chariots pulled by monsters (gorebeasts?) if using a combined list maybe :slight_smile: