[Archive] The Chaos Dwarfs and The Hammer of Hashut


I have read thereabouts that the Chaos Dwarfs created a gigantic rocket called The Hammer of Hashut… its true? :o

It is supposed that The Hammer of Hashut was one of the arms projects of the Chaos Dwarfs in which they constructed a rocket of the size of a tower. When the CD’s used the missile, this one was on the verge of reaching The Tower of Zharr-Naggrund, though finally it reached to a camp goblin creating a crater of hundreds of meters of diameter in the Plain of Zharrduk. Lucky don’t cause serious damages (except for the goblins), but the Chaos Dwarfs Sorceres decided since then to realize his experiments in the distant and almost uninhabited Desert of the Howlings of the South. :yar

Thommy H:

Yes, you’ve just summarised every single piece of information we have about the rocket :slight_smile:


Ups, then it was not secret. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was sure that The Hammer of Hashut it was similar to this:

Thommy H:

No, it was like a rocket. The story about the Hammer of Hashut was included in the fluff for the Death Rocket, as an example of how the Chaos Dwarfs have taken the technology to absurd and destructive extremes.

Gavan Sing:

I would imagine it to be a ICBM but made by chaos dwarf.

Ancient History:

I’d give it it’s own wiki page but there’s not a lot to say about it.


Thats cool i did not know about this, might have to make one as an objective for a cd game in the future :slight_smile:


The explosion in The Plain of the Zharrduk and the “mysterious” disappearance of the camp goblin :D:


I always imagined it like an huge V2 rocket


Henroth that bomb looks like a tzar bomb:



I’d like to know more about the support and delivery system the missle used… I could see a poor hobgoblin slave forced to wheel it about… like thus:

Seriously though, that’s the kind of fun fluff that draws me to CD… It’s not just chaos, but evil that comes through technology. Makes the political theorist in me want to re-read Rousseau’s first discourse.


Tarrakk Blackhand:

They Blowed up real good!


Hashut’s Blessing:

In the Nemesis Crown we had the Hammer of Hashut MkII in preparation :wink: Can’t remember if we fired it or not, but it’s purpose was to destroy, not to travel :smiley: We definitely had a rocket battery in The Talabec Borders (I wrote it :smiley: ).


Ups, then it was not secret. ;P

It was sure that The Hammer of Hashut it was similar to this:

I like the brave goblins ready to hold it back when it gets lit!!