[Archive] The Chaotic/Evil stunty reclamation project!


So, about ayear ago or so I bought a part-painted Mid-Nor force from a guy. The mini’s had all sorts of sweet detail and freehand that I liked, but parts of them hadn’t been undercoated, or had suffered severe chipping (is that a word?).

Thus I took it upon myself to restore them, finsh the paintjobs and re-base them for use as a chaos warrior force in WHFB. I already own an assortment of painted ogres and dragon ogres, so while this won’t be a complete cohesive force in its own right I hope to be able to form a couple of complete units of warriors/knights.

So apart from just painting sweet rackham dwarves I’ll also be adding some random cool/odd chaos warriors to this plog.

But enough talk! On to the pics!


VERY cool models.


Blue in VT:


Excellent painting…are those all Rackman models?

oh AND Welcome!



BLIMEY :open_mouth: and welcome :smiley:

that guy:

thats some downright pretty stuff!Really cool.


Very cool Minis! :hat off

Like the Rackham guys a lot and also great Paintjob! :cheers

By the way do you need more of the “Worm-guys”?


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome stuff! I’d hate to face those boys at the games table!

Welcome to the boards!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Damn, Rackham sure made nice models - for as long as they existed… Shame their minis were always kinda hard to get anywhere.


Fantastic looking unit, Satan (!!! - that’s a rather … ‘unusually’ name :o) Great job.

Love Rackham - just sad they don’t do models like this anymore - and that the scale so badly to other manufacturers :~

And last but not least - welcome to the forums - and don’t hesitate bringing us more updates. We love that kind of things, here :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I still have a load of Racham figures in my hobby store inventory. No one was big into that game…and still aren’t out here.


Thanks for all the sweet feedback guys (and eventual gals - it’s the 8th of March today)!

Like I said they weren’t originally painted by me but they were in a bit of a rough state when I got them, so the underlying freehand and basic colours aren’t my work, but I’ve had to repair a lot of chipping and I’ve applied just about every highlight. I’m especially proud of the Cyclops, I put a fair bit of work into him…

I started out basing them on 20mm but eventually decided to opt for using them as Chaos Warriors and so had to rebase some to fit on 25mm bases. They’ll be taking to the field for the first time this saturday in a 1300 pts double we’re having with my local group, 10 teams in all.

Sorry for the crappy light, but it’s still near darkness when I get home from work up here in the cold scandinavian lowlands.

All of the models pictured so far are Rackham models but I plan to mix them about a fair bit. I’ve got a painted chaos warrior that hasn’t seen any tabletop action along with a sorcerer, a painted black orc that I plan to “chaosify” and the new dark eldar lord which will become a “chaos elf”. I really just wanted to paint mainly dwarves for this force, but also mix some cool models in.

@Zanko - I might be convinced if the price is right. :wink: I’m looking for more of the “centaurs” though…

@clam - I know, but for reasons long unbeknownst to me I’ve had the same nick over at Warseer since the death of portent in '05 so I just stuck with it. :wink: I’m mostly fond of chaos dwarfs, 3rd edition style and the rackham mid-nor dwarves just sort of appealed to me alot in that regard. Jeg ser også virkelig frem emod at måle din standard bearer, den er virkelig god den figur… Pardon my danish, I’m a swede who works in Copenhagen…

@Tarrakk Blackhand - Got any mid-nor? :smiley: I thought their miniatures were brilliant but I guess they could never compete with GW…

I’m working away on a BSB (which will be replaced when clam’s standard bearer gets here), 2 additional “knights” and a War shrine right now. I’ll snap some shots of the war shrine after work tonight. Still trying to figure out how to make a knight standard bearer though…


A post by Satan himself?! That’s some serious endorsement for CDs :cheers

Might be possible to photoshop the pics up a bit. I always cheat on my photos as the light is crappy here in the UK too.

From what I can see, those are some nice paintjobs.


lucky man have a few of those figures and every one was a pleasure to paint and have always had loads of positive comments on the table, enjoy theyre a pleasure to paint


Awesome stuff! Love the Rakham figs, and these are top notch! I put the few I have on 20mm, they are quite crowded! 25mm for Chaos Warriors makes sense! Can’t wait to see your force finished with Ogres and Dragon Ogres! The Evil puking worm thing is sweet!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think your choice of colours is a little crazy but your painting skills are fairly good. Well done!

Grimbold Blackhammer


Thanks you for the overwhelming response guys! :cheers

Thanks Baggronor, I hope to expand them with some of your works in the near future… Meanwhile, here’s what showed up in the mail today and I just couldn’t keep myself from assembling him:

I also thought he’d look badass with some bodyguards, so I added some…

Sorry for the crappy pictures. Meanwhile, here’s his stand-in:

And here’s a WIP war altar that I now know I won’t be able to finish in time for saturday, but I’ll field it anyway:

Love the BSB Clam, and big thanks to Four A Miniatures!

I agree nagged, they’re a pleasure to paint throughout!

@dncswlf - I’ll see what I can do about some “group shots” this weekend. :wink:

Now I’ve got a little less than an hour to finish the stand-in BSB - PANIC PANIC STRESS!


Stand-in BSB finished!

Mostly NMM but I’ve mixed some metals in there on his sword and wristband too. Sorry for the bad picture, proper ones coming on sunday, after the tournament on saturday and when I can tear my attention away from DA 2…