[Archive] The Cheeky Hobgoblin, by Zhargonidus


[align=center]The Cheeky Hobgoblin, by Zhargonidus[/align]

Once upon a time, there was a cheeky Hobgoblin slavedriver with a viper of a tounge and a heart of cruelty. Spiteful were his words and wicked were his deeds, and his foul temper was ever easily aroused. One day, the cheeky Hobgoblin visited bestial mistreatment upon his underling thralls.

“I’ll teach ya ta ‘old yer dung til gutz burst! No zoilin’ on da floor on my watch!” snapped the Hobgoblin slavedriver and flogged a Gnoblar hard enough to crack its bones.

Truly, the Hobgoblin savoured his power over others and delighted in their torment. Yet when the Chaos Dwarf master interrupted him to give new orders, the cheeky Hobgoblin was angered and directed his violence and oaths at his strong superior who dared disturb his moment of pleasure.

The master was not amused. In one strike, he felled the cheeky Hobgoblin, whereupon he tore the slavedriver limb from limb with his bare hands and threw the mutilated body parts into defiled River Ruin to deny the cheeky Hobgoblin of any afterlife. For such is the fate of those who do not know their place in the Order of Things.

- The Cheeky Hobgoblin, by Despot Zhargonidus Doombeard, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories, of our present time


What a jackass. I guess some Goblins never learn.

This seems almost like it is something that is directed at the Goblins themselves. I wonder if there are fables that the Dawi Zarr make sure are circulated among their own slave populations in such a way that makes it seem like they originate from the slaves independently.


Sure there would be. Simple, brutish to-the-point fables intended to teach slaves their place and be poignant and easy to retell enough to go from mouth to mouth amongst the exhausted and quickly ground-down masses of miserable thralls.


And every so often a physical reminder doesn’t go astray.