[Archive] The coolest idea ever


i think i have it!!!

making a giant with bull cetaur body. it will obviously be in proprtion to the giant but how cool would that be… i will be under taking the sculpt in about one month as cash flow is a bit slow at the minute. but i would like your feed back.  my green stuff sculping is moderate so i just need idea’s for materials to sculp the bull body from? please a little help.:hashut


you could probably find a to bull from somewhere that would match the giants body.


Metro Gnome did a cool thing that’s similar to your idea:





You’d have to pm metro here for the parts he used.


Sounds like an interesting idea but the biggest problem I can think of will be the scale in relationship to the base. Its gonna like a 50mm x 100mm or something similar.

Kera foehunter:

Wow i like to see that .


What about using a resin rhinox for a base? Im sure its big enough…

Failing that…have you thought about using that cheap, children’s moddeling stuff?


Looks like he used the CD Taurus body and a heavily converted Dragon Ogre upper body.

That is what it looks like to me atleast.


As Xander can attest, I am a proponent of “go big or go home” when it comes to character/special models… this would be taking that ideal to the next level for sure, keep us posted on your progress!


will do i will be getting the stuff soon but i am also starting to make casts for face masks and they are not coming out how i wanted and help?