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Week 11 Double-header #2: Hobgoblin Khan

Welcome to the eleventh chapter in the Daemonsmith’s Handbook! Please post your tips and tactics for the Hobgoblin Khans here.

Some suggested topics for discussion:

- How to equip your Hobgoblin Khans

- Most effective use as a lone character or within a unit

- Tactics

Vardan Painkiller:

My idea is to put him on a wolf, give him 2+ ward from fire, and some mundane equipment, and of he goes.

Great warmachine hunter, march blocker, charge redirector, and he can also charge on K’daii!

Singleton Mosby:

Wolf, spear, light armour, shield, dragonhelm and potion of foolhardiness. That’s how I like them best. Occasionally one with the Terrible Mask of Eeeee! can be fun as well.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I find equipment on my Khans to be a waste and just run them as a Hobgoblin on a wolf. I use mine exclusively as redirectors and never had one survive long enough to go hunt down a war machine.

Grimbold Blackhammer

the mighty mac:

Best way i’d say is the clean and simple ‘basic model’ and just take a couple to either redirect or, if you’re lucky, hunt chaff & arty

Cheap & cheerful :slight_smile:

(that is, wolf, armour, shield & spear :))


I have 2 models

1- light armour shield and dragon helm on wolf with handweapon, could be cheap magic sword so he can hunt ethereals of pin down a destroyer.

2- spear, shield , lightarmour and wolf. I bring him if I field 2 as the are great for charge blocking, warmachine hunting, being annoying and stepping on Mangler Squigs or triggering Fanatics.


my 2 models set up:

Hobgoblin Khan:

Giant Wolf

Light Armour


Dragon Helm

Shrieking Blade. 76 pts

Hobgoblin Khan:

Giant Wolf

Light armour


Dragonbane Gem

Tormentor Sword

Potion of Foolhardiness. 71pts

Vardan Painkiller:

Very good setups imho, sure about shrieker blade though?


Very good setups imho, sure about shrieker blade though?

Vardan Painkiller
I think that Fear is always a good thing to toy with ^^


I really like that build.

that way he can just annihilate any etheral units that are pains in asses

no fear checks, and can hit/wound them.

and he has a 3+ save. not shabby


Ethereals cause Terror don’t they? Fear vs Terror = Tests for Fear.


I really like that build.
that way he can just annihilate any etheral units that are pains in asses
no fear checks, and can hit/wound them.
and he has a 3+ save. not shabby

yes they were planned especially to take care of the ethereals..

about the terror, he also has the potion ^^

Da Crusha:

Ethereals cause Terror don't they? Fear vs Terror = Tests for Fear.

cairn wraiths, banshees, Hexwraiths cause terror, spirit hosts just cause fear.


Then you better take the potion of foolhardines (5 points), gets you +1 attack and immune to psychology on the charge. so no problem with fear or Terror. You still need a magic weapon, but the warrior bane is only 5 points.


I had thought about giving them more than base gear (wolf armour spear shield), but lets be honest. You expect them to die. If they get into a war-machine power on yah. Odds are at that point you have rolled the other guy.

Ceann Fine:

I wouldn’t say you’ve rolled your opponent by the time you’ve gotten to war machines a vanguard plus a march of 18" means you have a realisitic turn two charge

The Odor:

I am currently running 4 of them in a unit of 6 Wolf Raiders, all with different magic items to be different sorts of pests. They rush into charge range and then split up going for different things.

Gamblers Armour, Spear and Shield
Looks for small units that can’t refuse challenges. Can tie them up for 1-2 turns (I got it up to 4 once though. Chaos warriors of Khorne standing around as unkillable BSB tries to kill a gobbo. Priceless).

Tormentor Sword, Potion of Strength, Shield and Light Armor
He charges something important the the opponent doesn’t want Stupid (level 4 mages is a current favorite).

The Terrifying Mask of EEE!, Shield and Light Armor
Low leadership units. Simple.

Obsidian Trinket, Dragonbane Helm, Shield, Spear and Light Armor
Improves the units survival odds and then goes for whatevers flamming.

They are a bit of an investment but can be suprisingly useful as they can wreck the most wellaid plans. And so much conversion possibility!