[Archive] The Daemonsmith's Handbook - Infernal Ironsworn


Week 12: Infernal Ironsworn

Welcome to the twelfth chapter in the Daemonsmith’s Handbook! Please post your tips and tactics for the Infernal Ironsworn here.

Some suggested topics for discussion:

- How to equip your units

- Ideal unit size and number of units

- Which characters/items work best with Infernal Ironsworn

- Pros and cons: Infernal Ironsworn vs other infantry and as a Special choice

- Tactics


that’s odd, title says oath sworn but your post asks for hobgoblin khans!:slight_smile:

Tactics on Oathsworn: Don’t take them.

If you must, use them as is, small units to outflank something that got stuck in to your unit. They are too expensive to be used in any other way.


Right OathSworn, don’t exist as there is no entry in the book called that. So moving onto the actual unit.

I disagree about taking a small brick of them, my next list calls for toying with 36 of them full command with AP banner.

Having said that lets talk stats.

5pts more costly than a normal chaos dwarf.

What does this buy you? WS5, which is nice for an elite unit. It also buys you permanent st5, plus the ability to use your parry rule with said weapon. That’s pretty impressive!

I think with the right build and the right combinations of units, this could be the breaker unit that is needed. Let us be honest, most of our units suck at hand to hand. Referring mainly to fireborn (not the destroyer), bull centaurs, and lastly our own dwarf warriors. They hit decent but cost alot, the fireborn are defense based not offense, the centaurs lack in base st and horrible few attacks. In short we do not have an actual combat unit, as in ranks and able to give a punch. Ironsworn I believe are the only unit that can do this.


I have to disagree with you there dude but only to a certain point, primarily in regards to the Fireborn. I have had amazing success with those guys and yes more often and not they do die, but they have gotten their points back and more in almost every game I have played with them, luck of the draw I guess.

Back to the Ironsworn I have really liked the look of these guys as I agree, the S5 WS5 guys seem to be the answer that many people are looking for in regards to a unit that has some hitting power, however what sucks is that they are the same cost as an Infernal Guard with Blunderbuss so my loyalty is torn. Not knocking them at all, I just feel that though they are good there is alot to debate taking them over such as fireborn, warmachines, ect.