[Archive] The Deadites by Bazil


So since Im am still working on my Vampire Counts and not start on a Chaos Dwarf army I figured you all deserve to see the fruits of my labor:mask

So the Basis of my army is that there I have a single female Lahmian Vampire Lady(Lord) and she has rules over her lesser male vampires. The Original model that I started with for my Vampire Lady was Neferata from the Tomb Kings, I just wrote some fluff similar to The Mummy and involved Nagash.

My first units of Skeletons and Zombies finnished

I decided to paint all of my Wight units like they were Spectral just to set them apart. Here are some images of my Black Knights made from the Brettonian Knight sprues, and I have a Wight King in the Unit with the Black Axe of Krell(does d3 wounds any model wounded must take toughness test or is slain). Then my first unit of Grave Guard this one with Shields, I combined old and new models and put the new shields on the old models and it worked out really well in my opinion


2 WIP Vampires now first is the plain winged Vampire I just left off the drake and filled in the hole with GS. Second is my most ambitious project to date. I Sculpted over the armour of Sigvald the Magnificent to make it appear he was wearing an opponents skin

Started painting my second unit of Skeletons using a different colour scheme


Nice undead army keep up the good work…Hmm deadites? where have i heard that before?


Best movie Ever!!!:cheers

I am planning on making an Evil Ashe model and a Skeleton with Bagpipes :mask


Ah evil dead i rember


ya it was the Evil Dead series and the Deadites didnt make their appearance until Army of Darkness the third movie

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I like the green ghosts! You should take off the top of Khalida’s staff though, that should take away her ‘Nehekeran-serpent-queen’ look. :slight_smile: