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I�?Tve been reading through several threads in the tactics section but the information is spread out. So I figured it might be worth it to codify into a single thread. Mods please sticky if it becomes important enough.

For the uninitiated amongst us, Hobgoblin Wolf boyz are perhaps the best light cavalry in the game, despite the fact they have to be 10+. I�?Tve been testing them out in small scenarios with my uncompleted unit I have ready.

Awesome MV
Excellent save (best for LC in the game)

Can�?Tt field in units of 5
Can�?Tt take spears (damn it!)
Bow really not work the points because of the afore mentioned 10+ restriction on unit size.

So here are some of my musings: As noted in my army blog and recent pole, Hobbo wolf boyz are on my radar screen. I have 1 unit of 10 already under conversion and it got me thinking: 160 points for a unit of ten including full command. Better make that 2 units please, and while I�?Tm at it 3 units for a grand total of 480? In a large battle these could be useful.

As it stand right now my plan is two units of 10 FC. My basic strategy is both wolf units on the same flank (whichever is better in terms of terrain) to screen the Bull Centaurs. So that�?Ts all three cav units on a single flank to crush everything (hopefully!) and the MLR (�?oMain line of Resistance�?�) holding in the center. By placing all cav units on one flank they can benefit from mutual support. And if the BCs can stuck in on the same combats so much so the better.

Artillery on said hills (if any) and hobbo bolt throwers on the edges of the line to hopefully set up crossfire.

This is my basic set up plan; double envelopment is too risky of a prospect to me as Wolf boyz aren�?Tt tough enough to last without mutual support IMHO ina protracted fight, hence the reason of one flank or the other. Plus you don�?Tt want to get these guys bogged down. Movement is their greatest asset.

Adding a Hobgoblin hero might be beneficial too if you can spare the points. I will be adding one to one of the units if for no reason then an opportunity to add a cool hobgoblin hero model.

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To avoid teh cheese, employ the rule of 3. Any unit you take 3 of will annoy people. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe just two units. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I used a unit of 10* with hero in a recent game and they actually fared better than my Bull Centaurs* (!) who were so damn squeamish that they did not dare to attack a unit of Treekin where the Wolfboyz happily joined the fight.

* proxies, to a large extent

The unit did a great job, but I have to say that I think I was quite lucky back then. However, they make for a nice flanking unit as we don’t have many other fast things in our army.


IMO animosity is even worse with those Hobwolves, and must be add to the Cons.

Because when you are beyond the ennemy line, a failled animosity test can cost the destruction of the unit.


True always a possibility. Of course with more then one unit you have a batter chance that at least one will do something. of course both could spend the whole game squabbling.