[Archive] The Dwarfs of Kraka Dorden


After a long time of modelling and painting only my Chaos Dwarfs I decided to rearrange my old Dwarven Forces and I considered to give them a homestead!

Regarding my current and prospective forces I decided that the homestead should be Kraka Dorden in the northern lands of Norsca. There I could create my own fluff and kind of army that will (hopefully) please me!

Enough talk … here are my current forces:

Btw if desired I can post more pics of certain units of interest!


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… hopefully later - depends on my ability and motivation to translate the small story I wrote yet! :~



Characters, Lords & Heroes:

1. Anvil of Doom with the Runesmith Ingram Isenherz

2. King Thordrasch Felsblut on his throne



Core Units:

1. Prinz Ulthars “Imperial Dwarfs” with BSB

2. Longbeards (Grenadier)

3. Crossbowmen / Clansmen

4. Crossbowmen (Grenadier)

5. Imperial Dwarven Knights / Longbeards



Special Units:

1. Bolt Thrower

2. Great Cannon

3. Cannon

4. Bolt Thrower

5. Goblobber

6. Ancestor Dwarfs

7. Ironbreakers



Rare Units:

1. Orgun gun

2. Organ gun

3. Orgun gun

4. Gyrocopter

5. Flame Cannon



Other unofficial Units:

1) The War Council

2) The Bearriders

3) The Steamtank



Current Forces in total:

Black: unpainted models - Red: painted and posted models

1 x King on Throne (GW)

1 x Warcouncil

1 x Anvil of Doom (GW)

1 x Gotrek und Felix

1 x King on foot (GW Alrik Ranulfson) - Statue

20 x Prinz Ulthar’s “Imperial Dwarfs”

25 x Imperial Dwarven Knights with 1 x King on Shield

32 x Bugmen’s Dwarfs

24 x Ironbreaker (GW)

24 x Clansmen incl. Beerwagon as an Unitfiller (GW and RAFM)

20 x Crossbowmen (Grenadier)

30 x Longbeards (Grenadier)

24 x Langbeards (GW)

25 x Ancestor Dwarfs (Grenadier)

20 x Clansmen (Grenadier)

16 x Speermen (Marauder)

26 x Thunderer (GW)

20 x Clansmen (GW)

32 x Slayer (GW and Black Tree (think so))

12 x Boarrider (Ghost Miniatures)

10 x Bearrider (Grenadier and Ghost Miniatures)

8 x Scouts (Grenadier and Ral Partha)

4 x Gyrocopter

2 x Giant Bat Riders (Gyrocopter Proxies)

3 x Orgun guns (2 x GW & 1 x RAFM)

3 x Cannons (Marauder, GW, Grenadier)

3 x Bolt Throwers (GW, Black Tree & Armalion)

2 x Flame Cannons (GW & Black Tree)

1 x Goblobber = Stonethrower (GW)

1 x Kogge (Revell) with crew + 1 Gyrocopter - 12 x Bronze Age Miniatures

6 x Long Drong Slayers

1 x Steamtank

+ some other models



Looking cool and is undeniably Zanko-style!


Your banners are great: and did you paint them? And I’m pleased to see Grenadier dwarfs again: these models were really cool :slight_smile:


Your banners are great: and did you paint them? And I'm pleased to see Grenadier dwarfs again: these models were really cool :)

Sadly I'm not skilled enough to paint such great banners, I bought them from "Little Big Men Studios"!

Here is the Link!


Kera foehunter:

need to see 32 slayer painted and hurry


need to see  32  slayer painted and hurry

Kera foehunter
I'm afraid but it will last some time till I have time to paint them! :(

At first I want to finish the Longbeards from GW and the Iron Breakers! :D



Great stuff here! Those aren’t the GW gyrocopters… are they?


Great stuff here!  Those aren't the GW gyrocopters... are they?

Thanx dude! :hat off

All 4 Gyrocopters are from GW! They are the 2 forerunner models of the actual Gyrocopter! :cheers



… and now some more dwarven Stuff! It’s the latest invention of the engeneers of Kraka Dorden - the Dwarven Steamtank:



Nice idea to add a steamtank, nice work.


Nice army Mr!!

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lovely collection.

I have admired the style of the grenadier dwarfs for a while as I’ve been searching for the Chaos variety. I know I have one or two at least but they’re just a touch small to convert easily


… and now a small Diorama with a Dwarf Conjurer:

It’s a just for fun diorama with no specific background and not with the intention to use it for a game! :cheers