[Archive] The Eye of Hashut

Fuggit Khan:

My entry for the Scribes Contest II

And my thanks to everybody who gave me a vote :hat off

Slowly, the Elf opened his eyes. The air was heavy with sulfur and ash. He tried to wipe his eyes, but then realized his hands were bound�?�what had happened? His ship from Eataine had run across a violent storm for three relentless days and nights�?�was it all a dream? Glancing about he saw that he and one of his crew were in a wagon pulled by an Ogre�?�which had a copper dagger stuck cruelly in its neck. Alongside were Hobgoblin wolf riders�?��?�Scum!�?� the Elf muttered in his native Asur tongue. Immediately there was yelling in the dialect of Ringkul, and the wagon stopped. The biggest of the Hobgoblins dismounted from his wolf and glared at the Elf, almost studying him. Then the Boss spoke in the dark tongue: �?oLagg, go�?Ts fetch my dagger�?�. The Hobgoblin named Lagg grinned wickedly while slowly twisting the dagger out of the Ogres neck and then handed it to his Boss. Lagg gave an evil glance, watching as the Hobgoblin Boss sheathed the dagger and then smiled.

Cautiously, the Elf asked �?oWho are you?�?�

Squinting his eyes, as if in deep thought�?�and speaking fluent Asur, the Boss replied �?oKhan of the Harghazhakh�?�.

A Khan? The Elf had heard stories of them, but never thought he�?Td see one.

�?oYou speak Asur?�?� the Elf asked.

�?oA depraved dialect, but one that my Master finds useful that I can speak�?� replied the Khan.

Confused, the Elf turned to his crewmate, and then realized that his companion was nearly dead, sitting in a pool of blood, with both ears cut off.

�?oHe didn�?Tt listen so well�?� said the Khan with a cruel smirk.

Lagg smiled again�?�his red eyes looking intently at the ears of the Elf.

Looking back to the Khan, the Elf asked �?oWho is your Master?�?�

Lagg stopped smiling as the Khan angrily snarled �?oYou are not worthy to speak HIS name!�?�

Scared, the Elf sat quietly, not daring to look the Khan in the eye.

After a few moments of silence, the Khan spoke again, calmly.

�?oThis land bleeds lava, breathes ash, a heart that throbs to infernal machinery�?�it is His land.

His breath blackens the sky�?�we go to see Him�?�would you like to know how you�?Tll die?�?�

Nervously the Elf glanced up.

�?oMy Master is here now, His Eye is upon us�?�.

There was a sound from the sky above, looking up the Elf saw a fiery brazen red Bull flying overhead, wicked wings beating upon the ashen air and breathing flames.

Calmly the Khan pulled out his copper dagger and spoke again.

�?oYou are not worthy to speak His name�?�what makes you think you are worthy to look at Him?�?�

As the Khan gouged out the eyes of the screaming Elf, Lagg and the other Hobgoblins smiled�?�all the while keeping their eyes looking to the ground.


Wonderful story! It had my vote, in a contest filled with quality stories that made it hard to pick 3. Some prominent vote-winning details include the great way in which the gulf between Hobgobbos and Chaos Dwarfs (not to speak of CDs and slaves) is carried across. �?oYou are not worthy to speak His name�?�what makes you think you are worthy to look at Him?�?� Perfect. :slight_smile: