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The Fifth Commandment of Hashut

"And as I have laid out the Order of your race, so too shall I lay out the Order of your lives and thus I decree my Fifth Commandment to be ‘Know Thy Place in My Plan and Accept it.’  For you are my possessions to do with as I will.

I have seen far beyond your ken, and thus have devised a plan to the Glory of Me and thee.

You each have a part to play in my plan, you are each a cog in a Divine machine and like any machine, a cog broken or out of alignment will be the ruin of the whole.

And as already commanded, you are to work always towards the Glory of the Dawi Zharr people and thus must play the part I have chosen for you.

For I am your Father, and in all things you must obey my Will, and as it has been written, my Fifth Commandment is ‘Know Thy Place in My Plan and Accept it.’"

- inscription found on the fifth of the one hundred and forty-four bronze tablets in the Temple of Hashut atop Mingol Zharr-Naggrund.  On the surface, this commandment appears contradictory to the sentiments in the previous commandments that Dawi Zharr are supposed to strive to dominate all others, however most Dawi reconcile this by taking the stance that their striving for upwards mobility within their society is all part of Hashut’s plan, and that they should each seek to find their place within society and that doing so is part of the plan.  Those that don’t take this view tend to be less ambitious or dullards and thus content with the positions they are born or luck into.


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Written with accuracy, like the rest. You’ve got into the Dawi Zharr mindset like a hand into a glove. Ever fancied a corkscrew beard? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, would need to grow it for a few decades before I could try that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: