[Archive] The Fighting Ankle Biters- Halfing Blood Bowl Team

Kera foehunter:

Great job willmark.Great job on the numbers


Nice colour scheme, I like the use of lichen on the treeman.

@HB - Halflings did actually have treemen in thier armies in previous editions. Unfortunately they also had sheep and goat riders, and a precursor to pegusus knights mounted on swanns


More Info:

I was mega tired so I didn’t add this in:

I now have the next 4 primed and some paint on them as well. I might be going the route of only 9 halflings and trees to start so I might not need to paint too many more of the little guys, even though I just got 6 more of the second edition models.


Damn nice Halflings, Willmark! Love that tree !

Lord Darkash:

Hmmm. Good stuff here, i always enjoy pounding halflings and running rings around treemen with a skeleton! 'course i can’t pick up the ball with one! (Though a tomb king once made a successful intercept! :o ) Must post my CD team i’ve started (Big hats all!)


Hmmm. Good stuff here, i always enjoy pounding halflings and running rings around treemen with a skeleton!

Lord Darkash
Thats why if you play me you'll be running into 2 Treeman, and maybe even 3 when I hire Deeproot Strongbranch... :) run around that!

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Awesome Halflings. Love em, keep on painting!


To was or not to wash them, that is the question…


Well as I’m playing orcs, I come down firmly on the not to wash side :wink:


No the paint style you goof!



In my quest to finish up a lot of unfinished stuff kicking around I came across these chaps. Just need one more treeman and then paint the 2nd edition halfling blood bowlers. The trophy was green-stuffed years back (assistant coach) and the hotpot is actually to my Empire Army (it pulls double-duty).

Anyways here is where they stand as of right now:


Next plan for them is to add another treeman and and paint up my halfling hot pot and crew with a chef. The trophy represents an assistant coach.

As an added bonus here is my basic human team that only needs a star player (Griff Oberwald) or two, plus a fix for one thrower (not pictured) If you note the halfling thrower above you’ll see why… I painted these guys a while back, but just recently finished the bases. The orc team that comes with the game are about 1/4 finished but not photographed just yet.

Here is the human team:

The orc team that comes with the rules is about 1/4 done but not ready to be photographed just yet.


They look great

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