[Archive] The Fighting Ankle Biters- Halfing Blood Bowl Team


Here is the start of my WIP Halfling Blood Bowl team… “The Fighting Ankle Biters of the Mootland” or the Ankle Biters for short.

I have just started to assemble these guys so I figured a good WIP group shot would be a great place to start. Since Halflings suck at BB they are dirt cheap (30,000 gcs) to hire. So I need about 7 more to round out the team. I also dug out a halfling hot pot for the master chef I will hire for the team.

Any seasoned BB player will also tell you Halflings need a lot of players since a AV of 6 means lots of injuries or worse. Hence needing so many of the half-pints

So in and amongst my assembling of my CD force watch here for updates to the team… You’ll notice I stole some inspiration from Geckilian on the trophy. Indeed a great assistant coach figure. Mine comes from the big hat from my as yet not finished Taurus Rider, moral of the story… never throw anything away. :slight_smile:


Hey Willmark, that’s an incredibly cool trophy! I mean wow, the person who thought that up must be a verifiable genius. :cheers

As for the team, you’re only going for 1 Treeman? I’d recommend 2 Treemen, 13 'flings, 3 re rolls and ff 6 or so (to try for +2 fame). That leaves 100k saved, so you’ll be able to induce a Master Chef from the first game onwards.

Or, you could go for the harsher route and have 2 treemen, only 9 'flings, just 2 re rolls, an assisstant coach and cheerleader and have a whopping 350k banked. That allows you to induce Deeproot Strongbranch and a Master Chef in the first game. 3 treemen, one of which is a star player, is intimidating to face. Plus with 350k saved, you can happily fire any halfling who gets injured and replace them as you go.

At any rate as a fan of Blood Bowl, and having completed my Chaos Dwarf team and thus moved on to a Skaven team, I’ll be watching this log with interest. Good luck!

(Also to point out, that links sends me to a page stating that I don’t have permission to view it. Is it to an edit post window by any chance?)


Yeah I hear ya about the second Treeman, right now I need to order a bunch more figs. when I used to play I remember Treeman whacking the crap out of my Orcs. Hmmm three Treeman beating everything before them to a pulp… look out Ogres! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Try this link, general discussion on the fate of the hat! That is what happens when I’m to tired when I post; glad I kept the hat, that guy is a genius! :wink:

I like your suggestion, perhaps two will indeed be inhabiting the front line. Good thing is that the league won’t be starting till the fall so I have plenty of time. Plus halflings are so quick to paint.


Your bloodbowl team is off to a great start I can’t wait to see it finished.


Cool thanks!

For any other would be Halfling coaches:

Blood Bowl PlayBook - Halflings - The Small And Short Of It!

I believe it was in WD #180


Y’know Willmark, considering you’ve started a Blood Bowl team you’re now prime motivation material. I will do my best to finish teams before you, eheheheh. Since my last post here I’ve got this done: The variety of collecting.

Let the battle commence!



Dude you’ll kick my butt. These are a sideline (pardon the pun) to assembling my CD force. Plus I don’t even hve all teh models yet!


Halflingy goodness! I love the models


Too bad they can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag when it comes to Blood Bowl!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Dang, you used the hat I wanted as part of a cool idea/conversion :smiley: Team looks good. I do like the trophy. Going to add a plinth to the hat and some handles? I still don’t get why halflings can get a treeman as their star player…


Yep I’m going to GS the bottom of the trophy. Sorry Dude!

Halflings get Treeman because its written into the fluff of BB. basically the Treeman feel sorry for them, plus Halflings are patient with long winded Treemen stories…


My 2nd edition Halfling team had a pretty torrid time, 1 treeman was stolen by an opposing coach (if I ever see him again:mad), the other treeman having this effective partnership broken up got his head turned by wood elves and joined their team. 50% of my halflings caught nurgles rot so got converted into something squelchy. The rest are looking for pastures new.

PM me if you’re after 2nd edition halflings.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Shame to hear it Sharkboy. Still, got some squelchy Nurgleesque things now, eh? :smiley: Willmakrk, no worries. Just make it look as good as the rest of your models and we’re cool :wink: It does seem like they’ve added the Treeman as a balance to their lack of strength etc and then tried to justify it with makedo fluff. Oh well, such is life.


Father Nurgle would say they have gone to a better place.:stuck_out_tongue:


PM sent.

Don’t worry there HB looks like I’ll be getting another treeman to inhabit the front line. AV10 (highest in BB) means lots of kicking the crap out of opposing players. :mad


Unless you go up against a Mighty Blow/Claws combo, mwahahaha…


Then meet gang tackle from 3 trees!



With a trade to Sharkboy I now have 5 more halflings on the way for my squad as well as star player Puggy Baconbreath.

Should have photos of WIP shots tonight.


Nice Willmark. Now if only my BB thread got as much attention as this one, things would be peachy, heh. Good luck painting them.



Here is my first player completed: the first Treeman to inhabit the front line!

Now for my first squad of Halflings to join the team. It gives a good look as to the color scheme for the team: red, black and white.

All in all I’m pleased with them. But its late and I’m off to be. I’ll post more thoughts on the formation of the team later.

I’ll get more detailed in terms of shots as I go…