[Archive] The First Chaos Dwarfs


I just thought this would be of interest. This a pic of my friends army which he played at Buckeye Battles in 2012. He has a large collection of first edition chaos dwarfs (at last estimate he told me 5000 points). I know a picture of his army popped up on the forums before, this is just a better picture of the entire army. Note that he used the Dwarf rulebook not the LoA list.


Thanks for sharing this one. Can’t remember if I’d seen it before but that doesn’t matter


Thanks for the high res picture. It’s a beautiful army, enjoyed it the last time as well.

Could you persuade him to give us some close ups? I remember a Juggernaut as well. Isn’t that right?


Very good. A nice collection. I like the look of this range, best are the unarmoured ones.


For as much as I cant help myself to dislike the 3rd ed dwarves, it is of great impact to look at this army.

Gz man, really good!


Thats an impressive army!


Wow nice, Btw those dogs were a chaos dwarf unit aswell or something else? Awesome collection!!


Btw those dogs were a chaos dwarf unit aswell or something else?

they were chaos hounds, they had also a WoC handler and a DE handler...


The most impressive is that the guy owns an Ass-Cannon! :o

Holy crap … I must admit that I’m a little bit envious! :mad



I spoke with my friend about getting some additional pics. While we were talking he recruited me to paint some miniatures for an upcoming kickstarter. Turns out he is now part owner of Iron Wind miniatures. He has been talking to these guys for some time as they are local and convinced them to break out some very old Ral Partha molds they had in storage and start up production again. Some of this line you will likely recognize if you have been gaming as long as I have. Many of these sculpts were done by Tom Meijers and licensed through GW.

There will be rules available for download absolutely free and an entire line of miniatures.

Also if I create a conversion piece from one of their miniatures and they like it, it will be molded and placed into production.

Link to the kickstarter.



Love them!

Thanks for sharing! :cheers:


Nice Chaos Army. :wink:

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