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:frowning: I’ve just entered the tournament at my club and surprise I’ve been put up against one of the most experienced players of the club. The tournament consists of 10 different players who each field a 2250 Point army list and are randomly put against each other.

My first opponent will be 2250 worth of empire, an army which I have never played before. I’m going to use my 2250 Tournament list that I created a while back; any advice on defeating the empire with my list is much appreciated.

2250 Chaos Dwarf List for Tournament


empire is a pretty diverse list… i think you’ll have to be a bit more specific about his army composition…


empire is a pretty diverse list... i think you'll have to be a bit more specific about his army composition...

I cant really comment on his 2250 army list because I've never seen it and hes never played a chaos dwarf army in his life so that might give me the advantage...

I do however know the 1000 point army list that he used in the 1000 point tournament..I think his 2250 force will be an expanded version of this with a more powerful character as the general and of course long ranged weapons..

Luthor Huss can meet my BC Lord :)

1000 Point Empire Force:
Warrior Priest
Level 2 Mage
23 Swordsmen
5 Knights with command
5 Knights with nothing


going to be hard, normaly the best emp list is “Panzer” (knights, steam tank and guns) but whith the new Arch lector + War Alter they can really cast alot of bound spells and magic.

Renember the Arch lector have van horstmans so don’t charge him with singel characters.


well his 1K is certainly tiny… horde him with green…

against the 2K “panzer”… try magic heavy…

pit of shades for the Stank… metal on your lower level guyz to ignore the armor…

a unit or 2 of wolfboyz to get at the guns…

and against other gunlines itz ok to add that second ES… double cheese burger…


well his 1K is certainly tiny... horde him with green...

against the 2K "panzer"... try magic heavy...
pit of shades for the Stank... metal on your lower level guyz to ignore the armor...
a unit or 2 of wolfboyz to get at the guns...
and against other gunlines itz ok to add that second ES... double cheese burger...

I was thinking about using my 2250 BC Lord list against his empire army.��Do you think it will be effective enough to secure me victory?

I was thinking about dropping the Death Rocket, BC standard and the level on the sorcerer and bringing in a unit of 20 Big Uns..

BC Lord List


well i really do like the list…

but a second unit of 'ard orcs?.. maybe too slow if you see the panzer…


Personally I think you should approach this game using your normal list.

This will help you evolve as a player, rather than just adapting your list for every army you face.

This is especially helpful for when you enter a tournament.


also a good idea…


Yea play your list and see if it works for you.
Still I think you should find points to a BSB that will help your units stay in CC or buy a Chaos Dwarf Hero (Ld 10) as you general so you “line” can use his Ld.


:hat I’m going to be playing 1500 points of Empire tomorrow night against one of the top players at the club. I somehow managed to defeat a Dwarf player last week due to my list and tactics, I feel this time around I’m going to have to do a little bit more than just stand and shoot…

Especially considering he’s using Luthor Huss, I’m beginning to think in the magic phase I’m going to have my bum kicked: shy:

:hat off His list is an expansion of the list stated below…I beleive this time around hes also using two mortars and 15-20 Flagellants:0


Warrior Priest

Level 2 Mage

23 Swordsmen

5 Knights with command

5 Knights with nothing

I’m going to use my 1500 army list that I created a couple of days ago…I could drop the earthshaker and a unit of BB and replace them with 10 Bull Cents with standard and champion…

Chaos Dwarf List


I’m just back from my game against the Empire and unfortunately for myself I lost.��By turn 4 things seemed to be going in my favour, in fact I was dominating most of the battle.��The battle shifted when both my Big Un’s and Chaos Dwarf warriors with general were run down and killed by his unit of 20 strong swordsmen with a ten strong detachment.��

Good Points:

.Having both units of his knights with general flee of the table due to hobgoblin fire by turn 3.��The bolt throwers also managed to kill off a few swordsmen and hand gunners.��

. Preventing his Mortal and cannon firing for two rounds with my Earthshaker.��I also managed to destroy his Mortar with my Earthshaker, his cannon misfired and destroyed itself by turn 3.��

. Firing into his Flagellants and killing over half the unit in one shot.

. My level one sorcerer dispelling every spell he cast including his spells which were automatically cast.

. A hobgoblin bolt thrower crew holding up a unit of twenty State troops for two turns and then out running them.��

Bad Points:

.��His Flagellants charging into my wolf riders and destroying the entire unit apart from the BC hero and the standard in one turn due to the Flagellants suffering from both hatred and frenzy.��This resulted in them fleeing off the table and creating a panic test for the blunderbusses.��

. The unit of Flagellants killing one of my bolt throwers alongside its crew and then over running into my Earhshaker crew and killing them.

. His unit of twenty strong Empire state troops with detachment killing both my big Un’s and chaos dwarf warriors.��

I’ve leaned that even though my army list consisted of solid troops with little weaknesses, I still need to use some units that are disposable.��In the future Im going to use a lot of disposable troops such as hobgoblins to support stronger units such as Chaos Dwarf warriors, Big Un’s etc…

Hobgoblin Bolt throwers are definitely worth their points cost.��In most cases your opponent will become fixated on them because of the damage they cause.��:0

Oh and never ever give hobgoblin wolf riders a standard its just like handing victory points over to your opponent…

I’m still kinda annoyed at the fact I lost tonight, I cant really see where I went wrong…:mad