[Archive] The Forces Of The Empire


:hat I’m going to be playing 1500 points of Empire tomorrow night against one of the top players at the club. I somehow managed to defeat a Dwarf player last week due to my list and tactics, I feel this time around I’m going to have to do a little bit more than just stand and shoot…

Especially considering he’s using Luthor Huss, I’m beginning to think in the magic phase I’m going to have my bum kicked: shy:

:hat off His list is an expansion of the list stated below…I beleive this time around hes also using two mortars and 15-20 Flagellants:0


Warrior Priest

Level 2 Mage

23 Swordsmen

5 Knights with command

5 Knights with nothing

I’m going to use my 1500 army list that I created a couple of days ago…I could drop the earthshaker and a unit of BB and replace them with 10 Bull Cents with standard and champion…

Chaos Dwarf List