[Archive] The Forgefather's Newer K'daai Scratchbuild



You may remember my GH K’daai entry, this:  (not that anyone would want to! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well, I have actually re-done it, in fact the only thing from the original is the base! I wanted it to look a bit like a rock elemental, but with lava and fire.

Please tell me what you like/love, comment and criticise!


Theforgefather  :)


There’s a big bit of wire sticking out the top you need to snip off.  

If you want me to be brutally honest I think you could do better.

I forget whose blog it is, but someone cut up foam into loads of tiny pieces.  That looked much better imo.

The head especially you have to be careful to put a lot of detail on as it’s the focal point.


You know, I think that if you added some smaller rocks around the joints, etc… you could make it look even better.

Here is a video clip from the movie ‘Galaxy Quest’ which shows a rock monster to give you an idea:


I agree with the idea of adding some more detail and use a face as a focal point.


Oh yes, I didn’t spot the wire. It is meant to look like it is made of small boulders, rather than a super detailed rock monster. I also only quickly put it together in 1/2 hour (not including drying time), and about 15 mins to paint.

It is only a “distraction” project, so that I have something other than guard and marines to paint…


Very nice, it’s more or less the same idea I have with mine, almost similar to the rogue Gork idol, but made from searing molten rocks, there’s something primitive about it (not the style but the concept :stuck_out_tongue: ) which is aesthetically pleasing. you could paint on some runes to some of the larger rock areas, you do these maybe even with a pen, maybe two of different shades and draw on some Dawi-zharr runes, doing a large areas in orange/red and the centre in yellow/white.



The rock idol is just what I am going for.

Please do be aware that I never said it was completely and utterly finished