[Archive] The founding of Rhan Ghanor


Long ago were the days as a group of piggy pink skinned :wink: dwarves made their way to a big rock in the north of Zharr Naggrund. Strange colored stones were found in that area and the barren ground was hot and sulfurous smokes filled the air. The dwarves were experienced and well trained in the art of mining, smithing and even sorcery and certainly they all were warriors as well. This proved to be very valuable because the hobgoblin tribes which inhabited this area were unusually aggressive and heavily mutated.
After they had defeated the first wave of the hobgoblin mutants the Dawi Zharr made a camp and began to build a rude fortification at a location where they discovered traces of strange metals and stones. Deep they digged in the hard and hot ground until bridges and paths between lakes of molten earth had to be spanned.
The resources they found seemed never to end and the strange substances of the place burned in the heat of the magma and ascended to the noses and lungs of the explorers.
At this place was the foundation of the vast citadel which is now known as �?oRhan Ghanor�?�, the iron hammer, to the dark dwarves of the North.
The people of this place got pale and grey looking skin from the sulfurous smoke which always slips through cracks in the earth and they  are aggressive and strange even to the rest of the Dawi Zharr. They  inhale smoke of a glowing green stone, which can rarely be found between the rich metals of the mines.
Most of them do this only at feasts and ritual celebrations for the Father of Darkness, but a few inhale the toxic fumes regularly. From this an infamous group of warriors were formed: The berserkers of Rhan Ghanor, the personal body guard of the ruler of the tower. Before a battle they inhale heavily with their pipes and whip themselves into a rage before they storm into battle with their heavy two-handed axes.
For the last two decades Zarrek the shadow born even managed to bind some of the crazy hobgoblin mutants to his service and command them to fight for his purpose.

This is a background piece for my army blog. I`ve got already some ideas for the hobgoblin mutants and maybe some optional rules for theme battles .


Nice one! It’s a good take on Chaos Dwarfs. I look forward to the Hobgoblin mutants. :slight_smile:


Yes nice stuff. I’ve only managed to think up things in a basic series of one line points. No warpstone near me though


Liked your story! Hobgoblin mutants sound awesome :cheers


I`m really glad and surprised that some of you found time to read this :cheers.
Thank you.


You could keep the fluff pieces coming whenever you add something new-fangled piece to your army. :wink: