[Archive] the god hashut

balck ork:

i was reading some fluff on the internet and had a great idea. to make the god hashut. i was thinking of makeing his body,legs,arms from belakor ( with schulpted hoofs) and a huge axe made of plastic card but i dont know wut to use as the head :hashut i was thinking of a minitar but that would be way to big.

i need some ideas :hat off

P.S do you think he would have wings? and what rulse would I use any way


For the head you could always use the head from the Reaper miniatures Krung Beast, if it’s big enough.


Surely you cannot make a god? If it wer a god, it would be alot bigger than belakor!

Don;t you meen an effigy of hashut, like a greater daemon?

Pyro Stick:

You could maybe use some pieces from the greater deamon of khorne and the balrog