[Archive] The good, the bad- too much?


I have been a huge GW costumer for the last 20 yrs and recently so many cool things have been released that it is somewhat overwhelming. I collect 40k and fantasy. But is the cliche true that, “There can be too much of a good thing.” With all of the releases it is hard to keep up with things. Having to consider which purchases to make has greatly stopped me from making them. It isn’t that money is an issue. it just seems like so much stuff in coming out and it is hard to keep up. Starting an army is a huge commitment of time a resources. People also seem more underimpressed than ever and expectations for amazing new stuff is at an all time high it seems.

I think that we all get a little over excited in that process and that is ok. However, thinking about it too much makes me reluctant spend tons of money on new armies. Does anyone else wish that the release schedule would slow down? Quick sells kill slower selling product like WFB and there are fewer fantasy releases. Just some thoughts. I am curious what the rest of you think about the flood of new products that are mostly 40k.


I’m mostly positive to it, as long as people get what they want and GW can make a profit. Price levels are another thing altogether.

Of course, I’m not so much “in the loop” as I was during the time White Dwarf was good and I read every issue. In any case I’ll admit both the Knight Titan and the new Stormtroopers are great, and had economy allowed I’d have bought some of both. They’re released quite fast nowadays, yes.

Thommy H:

I find 40k pretty bewildering at the moment. I think as soon as they started doing allies that had their own little force organisation charts and could be used in addition to another allied detachment it got confusing. The basic ally system in the rulebook is pretty good, and I feel they should have stuck with that and made exceptions where necessary.

So Inquisitors should have had Henchmen as straight Troops so they could technically be an army and also slot in as allies. Knights should have been Lords of War and had an option to upgrade one to an HQ if used as a standalone force, etc.

Someone recently did a graphic of what the current FOC looks like for Imperial armies and it’s pretty monstrous…


I agree with a lot of this. 40k got too confusing, too fast. It’s also getting too much OMG BUY THIS NOW!!!111!ione1.

Interestingly, since WD changed over I have 1) no idea what’s coming out and 2) don’t really care.


40k just can’t capture my imagination the same way it did when I was young. I tried to get back on the bandwagon when the dark angel codex came out, bought it and 1000pt of death wing army but it never hit the paint table never mind the game table.

The game is just outdated now, wargaming has come a long way and 40k is stuck in a rut that it can’t get out of. I’m not saying its a bad game but it suffers from the issue that list building wins more games than on table strategy and to keep selling models they make sure there is a constant list building arms race.

Whfb is not as bad but still has some of the same issues. At least in warhammer not everyone plays the same armies all the time.


A lot of 40k has passed me by recently. I bought white dwarf for quite a while and looked forward to new releases (even if I’d no interest in buying any, like tau and tyranids). But I’ve stopped buying WD since it is difficult to get to a store regularly, so I’m not bothered anymore.

I’ve got some imperial guard as well, as allies for space wolves, and apparently there’s a new codex out but I just can’t rustle up any enthusiasm even to be bothered looking at the website. I’ve no idea what I’ll be playing against - tau with elder allies and inquisition and imperial knights and some sort of dataslate?


I’m actually really glad that quality has improved so much (I’m talking about plastic of course, NOT FINECR*P), together with a massive boost in miniatures selection… But again, I’m not a gamer and I’m not a collector… I paint armies for the look of it! So, as I stink at greenstuff, having more bits to choose from to create what I have in mind is definitely a positive thing :slight_smile:


I agree the pace of 40k releases puts me off getting out my rogue trader squats / imperial guard.

Although a squat data slate or rules would get me back pretty quick.