[Archive] the Great Host of Chaos - Tamurkhan


Just wondering if there are somebody who have tried it? And what they thought about it?


Played it once.

It is fun to use all chaos creatures in one army. Very nostalgic feeling.

Still, you need to play in huge battles or it won’t worth it. Once again FW rules are a bit too complicated for little effects. I felt that the paragon and the gaze of the gods (or whatever is the real name of the rule, sorry i don’t remember) were too hard to explain and remember, maybe because i played it only once.

I suppose they had to make it that way. Putting in the rulebook “ok you can mix all units of all chaos books in one army it’s fine” would probably have been too different from the splitting of the chaos armies that is now stated in GW’s classic rules… Yet IMHO it is a better solution. Anyway, you will only play this kind of armies in friendly games, so i think it’s better to suggest you play a big chaos army like in the old “Hordes of Chaos” book, and everyone will have fun with it.



We only ever play friendly battles, so I dont worry much about adding the rules. To us they seemed fun and fluffy, but as you said I guess you need 3000+ pts. Anybody else who have any input here? :slight_smile:


I think i didn’t expressed my feeling well, sorry

Indeed, it is fun and fluffy. But since you’re already playing with minis from 4 different books, i myself felt a bit lost between the rules of the great host, and the rules of every of my units, which i regularly had to check in one book or another.

It can probably be better with someone mastering the rules of the chaos armies (which i was not).

Since you are playing a huge army, they are many rules to check. So i felt a bit overwhelmed with rules and wondered if it could not be simplier.

But it is a nice rule and it is nice that they made it. I guess playing with it requires a bit more preparation than classic games.


But it is a nice rule and it is nice that they made it. I guess playing with it requires a bit more preparation than classic games.

I'd agree. We looked into this a little when the Tamurkhan book first game out, but yikes... although I easily have 2000pts+ from every WH army going, I only play Chaos Dwarfs. The rules for those other units would slow me down for sure, but then adding in the rules for the Chaos Great Host would mean our 3-4 hour game would likely go much much longer (I think there's an inverse square law that relates the duration of the WH game with how much fun you're having).  You can certainly have fun with these massive armies and mixed and matched models from various lists, but for it to say fun during the game, put in some prep time!!

I'm guessing this is no problem for you though tjub!  :hat off