[Archive] The Great Taurus vs. The White Dwarf!


As many of you know this weekend was the White Dwarf’s 30th Anniversary. Our manager challenged us to create a character to beat the White Dwarf. This gave me the opportunity to create the best lord Chaos Dwarfs can use (although not strong enough to defeat the White Dwarf, because that guy is nuts). Chaos Lord on great Taurus, built and painted in two weeks. Still missing his shield, and I am going to add some more detail to his back.

Here are some snap shots from Saturday:

I think he turned out alright. Comments welcome! :slight_smile:


Utterly FANTASTIC!!!

that Taurus is awsome and i just love the Kollosuss

though just one question, what does that sign in the army display pictures read, i can make out the “Cheer him on as he gets ready for…” cant make the rest out though. just wondering:cheers

PS. i take it you lost against the White Dwarf:hat off

Uzkul Werit:

The White Dwarf isn’t that hard to kill. He took a wound from the Obsidan Blade in a game I played and then got shot down by four Bolt Throwers! :smiley:

Yeah what does it say on that “Cheer him on” sign?


"Cheer him on as he gets ready for Nemesis Crown!"

I actually didn’t fight the White Dwarf, haha, I was too busy working. But I assume I would lose. All you need to kill him is a Weapon that ignores armour and causes D3 or D6 wounds. He is bound to fail some Ward saves, then you do at least 4 wounds and he is dead.

Uzkul Werit:

In my game, he was fighting a unit of ten, standard CD Warriors (we had a 30 model thingy. 30 years of WD, see?). It took him a good while to kill them. Three turns, I think. Thorek Ironbrow also got killed by Astragoth. Ah Flaming Sword of Rhuin has it’s uses. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Everyone else seems to be saying that the model is impossible to defeat. Are there rules for him in the UKWD? And at least your Lord survived, Mr. Xander! What did people say about a GW employee turning up with CDs?

Lord Archaon:

Love your [[Great Taurus]], but i think you were a bit lazy when making the lord :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: I’d gived him a clock and other accesories.:slight_smile:
One question what is the Revening Hordes boklet/army book on the shelf? Is it official one or you just printed it from GW? If tt’s GW’s when it was relized?


Ya, I am not a big fan of the rider either, I rushed it to get it done on time.

Ravening Hordes was released with a White Dwarf when 6th Edition came out.


very nice - but the lord is a bit below your usual standard

still great though



It’s pretty cool that you get to showcase your whole army like that.

Traitor King:

Whats the chaos dwarves book there? (not the ravaging hordes… the other one)

What did you use for the head on the Taurus? the head from the original model?

Finally, they made a mistake on the card. They’re not Daves’ CDs! they’re yours! they’re Xanders! (and who IS this dave fellow? i suggest you have a word with him :P[I joke yes?])

Lord Zarkov:

It’s White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs, our army book from 4th and 5th Edition

The Flying Beaver:

Awesome job there Xander, I like it.


Nice, I have to agree about the lord though, but I’m sure you’ll improve him! That cabinet shot has made me want to see your entire army together. Is there any chance of seeing your entire army in a single photo together, it would be good to see how its progressing.


The white dwarf is insanely powerful to beat , excellent taurus and army mind.(see you got the cd army book as well).

Kera foehunter:

A blast from the past .Nice taurus xander!! so is the fight still going on haha its been a year


I wish my computer would hurry up and show the pictures but its being a pain tonight… anyways with all these comments about the white dwarf I could not help myself (sorry) and must have a whine, as dwarfs are my favourite… good or bad, Yes ofcourse the white dwarf rules are hard core… it has the white dwarf BUGMAN & GOTREK!! With such charectors it should be near invincible but it kind of annoys me that the thing is classed together (wound wise) and has only 4 wounds, yes I know if it had anymore it would start to get a bit ridiculous to fight against but what did GW expect putting Gotrek, Bugman and the White dwarf together! In the old rule Gotrek had 3 wounds to himself! Bugmans got 2 then what ever for the white dwarf.

Sorry I had to do that, I get a bit passionate about dwarfs (good or bad, shoulda seen me when I 1st got the 6th ed dwarf book, was not happy, also not happy about CD being in the rulebook but no army book yet! :mad)