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Well, here’s where I’m going to have my blog, and post my photos of my developing army.

First up, we have my gorebeast chariot, less the passengers.

I painted this in about two hours, so it’s not masterclass, but I intend on finishing an entire army quickly so here goes.

Here’s my gorebeast chariot, from the front

And from the side

And lastly, from above.

I know these aren’t the cleanest photos, but I have to make do as I’m still in hospital for a little bit.

When I’m out I shall be taking them from a professional camera with backdrop.

Just a little teaser for what I shall be posting. Criticisms and opinions welcome. Sorry again for the image quality.

All the best :hat off


Looking good. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you, hasn’t it? Great to see you posting!


Looking good.  It's been a while since we've seen you, hasn't it?  Great to see you posting!

Thankyou :)
Yeah, it's been a little over a year I believe. Glad to be back though, and soon I shall make this into a much more attractive blog. Just have to wait to get home and then I shall set it up nicely :)

I also have a fully furnished Realm of Battle board that shall be featuring in a lot of my shoots, so watch this space!


definitely welcome back


definitely welcome back


Today, I have a small update. I assembled, basecoated, and painted a Chaos Knight mount in about 20 minutes. If I keep this up, I should be able to speedpaint and build the entire unit of 5 in under 4-5 hours. That'd be cool, as it'd be about a weeks' worth of painting in front of the tele.

Here's the view from the right:

And the left:

I am by no means saying this is a fantastic standard of painting (I shall upload photos of my painstakingly painted units when I am back home) but is rather just a show of how you can get tabletop-ready units done fairly quick.

Hoping to get my new WoC codex in the mail today, and when I do I shall post the army list.



Here’s another quick update - here’s a painted unit of marauders minus command.

Close up

and from a distance

And lastly, my sorceror of Nurgle, to be one of my generals, from the front:

And from the side:

These took me a long time to paint, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Lol, any feedback? OK, so let us start.

Like that sorcerer, the green tone in tone is convincing. The basing is neat. Would have liked some more fokus on the head, the way it is now the eye is drawn to the scrolls.

The marauders? You seem to have invested a lot of time into working out the shading and highlights of the muscles and the leather parts. If you don`t know it have a look here to see why I think there is too much brown.

Why do my fingers look for my pot of devlan mud? Oh yes, would work wonder if you would apply it to the horns and metals,