[Archive] The legacy of purplebeard


well, Hi all, here I’m going to be posting small poppets about my character, this may end up quite long but I’m not sure right now

“Sit down lads and lassies” said the grizzeled pirate captain “I have a tale to tell you, and I want to make sure you listen. Now one day you will be a great leader of our people, but your not now. The tale I have to tell you is one of sucess, of fear, yet one of shame too” Seeing he had his audiances atention, the captain’s voice fell into the type used by bards. “I am now here to tell you the legacy of Purplebeard”

“The great captain was born the lowest of the low, the son of traitors and saved from slavehood only by hashut’s favor. In his youth he served he sorcerers, and all expcted him dead by the time he came of age, yet Draski survived.” The Dawi zharr emptied his flagon, and slammmed it onto the table, waiting for it to be re-filled. “Though draski was born with horns, a sign of our great gods blessing, His master still wanted him dead. Being served by a traior is the greatest mark of shame and disrespect, and his master would have refused if it had not been the will of the high preist. On the day of Draski’s 30th lifeday, when te time of servitude was up, the sorcerer commanded his men to kill Draski.”