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Hello there, dark brethren!

It’s been a long time since I had been planning and slowly, very slowly working on my own Chaos Dwarf army. I’ve first started long ago, using Xander’s guides on using a Battle for Skull Pass in order to convert a whole starting army. His skill - and that of many other contributors on these forums - have really inspired me waaay back some 8 or 9 years go (you can see my forum profile and the date I joined CDO!). But back then I was young.

Too young and too overeager, and being in Brazil we have no easy access to GW’s miniatures nor precision hobby materials like greenstuff [had to do with other epoxi sorts that were… less than ideal]. I ruined my hard-earned Battle for Skull Pass back then, and that kinda burned me out of the whole Chaos Dwarf idea: and yet the dream lived on whenever I lurked the forums here for your awesome ideas.

Times passed, I graduated and started to make some money and suddenly I was able to afford miniatures. The local second-hand market expanded and then… the World Ended. Age of Sigmar was a thing, even though nobody on my local gaming club played it. I’ve already played Empire (my favourite army, Dogs of War, being actually an empire force supplemented by the few Regiments of Renown I could lay my gribbly hands upon) back then, and after some tests started to see the worth of the new system even though it wasn’t ‘Warhammer’ in the traditional sense.

So I started again to look upon the Chaos Dwarfs, this time the Legion of Azgorh and how they are depicted amazingly on Tamurkhan.

Currently I managed, this very month, not only to expand my army further than 2500 pts [in 8th edition terms]; but also craft a very solid Legion of Azgorh AND Age of Sigmar list. I actually started this collection by acquiring miniatures for the Age of Sigmar game - I had heard of the summoning possibilities and decided to invest on the K’Daai Fireborn: some of my favourite ever figures on the Forge World range. I had this great mind’s eye image of a Daemonsmith or a Sorcerer-Prophet reaching into a pouch and pulling iron nails and streps, chanting in a monotonous and terrible dirge before throwing them to he floor and pillars of flame errupting suddenly to forme and give shape to the K’Daai. Kinda like that Jason and the Argonauts movie!

Expanding it on and on, I’ve suddenly found out that I was very close to being able to field a Warhammer army [with the Core point restrictions and all that] when a friend of mine offered me some Chaos Dwarfs he had never even assembled; finally offering me the numbers and points I had lacked before.

So now I finally got the guts to come over here and show you guys my own army! Unfortunately I’ll start with just some units since I’ve left this army in my local wargaming club lockers so I could field it easily rather than having to carry it around all the time.

For the narrative standpoint, I am really touched by how creative Alan Bligh was in developing the Legion of Azgorh was a set of exiles, far away from Zharr-Naggrund. My own take on the Legion is what happened to Drazoath the Ashen after he abandoned Tamurkhan’s Host and returned to the Dark Lands, rich with slaves. Could he had marched to Zharr Naggrund itself in order to reassure his position on the Priesthood’s politics? Perhaps he would even defy Astragoth Ironhand into moving him and his army from the sight of the Mingol? Another source of inspiration was the novel Wulfrik, centered on the character of the Warriors of Chaos army, Wulfrik the Wanderer. I was amazed at how the norse called the distant terror of the Dawi Zharr as the ‘Fire Dwarves’, a natural translation/bastardization of their given name. I think it also helps estabilishing how the term ‘Zharr’ means Fire in khazalid/dark tongue; since we also have Mingol Zharr-Naggrund (or simply Zharr-Naggrund) translated a handful of times as the ‘City of Fire and Desolation’. The whole novel is amazing, but I was really captivated by his own fresh depiction of the foetid River Ruin, the Desolation of Azgorh, and the Dark Lands in General before he strikes at a Fortress - and the simply huge dimensions of black basalt and obsidian that the great fire temples are displayed. It is an amazing read for anyone into the Old World and quite specially relishable for us Chaos Dwarf players [despite being on the loser’s side, remember the novel is about Wulfrik. XD ]

"A thousand slaves for our toils!"

Let me start with some of the pictures I have of my first works on this ‘new take’ of mine, and then the latest ever:

The first is my very own converted Iron Daemon, made from the carcass of a Hellcannon (resin) and a Deathshrieker, coupled with some Marauder-era Chaos Dwarf crew. You can see one of the details on my avatar in the forums here. This has become a little favourite of mine! The basic vehicle was crafted by a friend, but I put my own knife to it.

More recently - last friday, actually - I’ve gotten a day off and decided I wanted to play with my recently acquired Fireglaives. These guys were the last unit I needed to be able to field the actual Legion of Azgorh list in WFB, so I arranged myself a match to the saturday. In one day I painted 30 Infernal Guard models - 20 Fireglaves + 10 Ironsworn I had for months but hadn’t painted yet since 10 of them seemed alright for Age of Sigmar. The paintscheme is very simple with Tamyia colour Flat Copper mixed with Acrylex [national paint] black, and then also Tamyia Colour Aluminum mixed with black too. It is inspired by some of the Infernal Guard depictions on Tamurkhan.

I am currently yet to take a full army shot from the whole collection I’ve assembled, but I will soonish! I swear! So far, what I do have is a picture facing my deployment of the 2500 pts battle played last saturday between the Chaos Dwarfs under my command and the club’s own Skaven.

Currently, a Taur’ruk and three Renders await painting on my table, as well as a slightly converted Daemonsmith and a very converted Champion/Overseer. I loved the hobgoblin conversions using Stormvermin bodies, and would love to try my hand at that eventually.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Wow, the Iron Demon is insane. I like it so much and I like the old fashioned crew.


The only thing I got out of your (re)introduction was … Your club has lockers!

I love your Iron Daemon. Great effort at Kitbashing and creativity.
And yes please for the group shot and don’t forget an Army list to claim a medal

Timothy Archer:

oh the iron daemon is really cool , i love the design


I love the dark dingy gritty color scheme! Great start to the army!


Thanks for all the comments guys, means a lot coming from such a prestigious lot! :hat off

And yes please for the group shot and don’t forget an Army list to claim a medal
Oh my! I didn’t knew I could get medals that way! I should head downtown to club in a couple days for a match, likely against Orcs&Goblins or Lizardmen. I’ve seldom played Greenskins at all during my general career, but I’ve played Lizardmen very often.

Damn Slaan, never got one killed.

About an army list, I do have that! Currently I have:

Drazhoath The Ashen

1 Infernal Guard Castellan
1 Infernal Guard Standard Bearer
3 Daemonsmiths
1 Bull Centaur Taur’uk

20 Infernal Guard Ironsworn
20 Infernal Guard Fireglaives

9 Bull Centaur Renders
9 K’daai Fireborn

1 Iron Daemon War Engine
1 Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers
1 Hellcannon
1 Dreadquake Mortar [converted, without the steam carriage]

2 Great Taurus

And I bring some more pictures! Sucky pictures are sucky, though, so bear with me.

Some more Infernal Guard Ironsworn. I’ve been painting runes on their Spiteshields [which are a great idea! So unfortunate it was a new idea put on Age of Sigmar rather than one we’d see back on 8th ed; it would be amazing if we could backslap hits on enemies attacking shield-bearing Infernal Guards!

The Infernal Guard full command, which I actually been using as a Castellan and Standart Bearer on AoS. I specially like how I managed to tackle the Overseer/Castellan model. Kukris are strange weapons in the hand of dwarves, but I choose to go with them for a more exotic look. At the same time, I’ve converted his head by using the big hat/helm of one of the Deathshrieker Rocket’s crew, coupled with a skull for a facemask. It was directly inspired by art on the book Tamurkhan.


A Daemonsmith with a slight conversion on the right hand, I took the hand of an unused arm from another Daemonsmith - the one with the tiny pipe - and sculpted the little vortex of magic with greenstuff. A very simple conversion, really. I mean to use this one as wielding the Lore of Death or the Lore of Shadow, hence the purple/lilac energy spiral.


Hashut is a God of Fire, but he is also a God of Shadow. And in the darkest of these arts does Zhimboul the Daemonsmith dwells - for while the Sorcerer-Prophets will rise to proemience wielding the powers of Hashut himself, or leaning upon his blessings of Fire, Zhimboul’s bid for power is more discreet and subtle than the usually loud roars of flames and hellbound war machines. And yet, he too is ambitious as any of the Zharr Goroth… and bid his time, for he has youth on his side and the Sorcerer’s Curse has not yet touched him.

Soon, the army shots!


Great conversion, use of bits, and use of those necron decals! They fit surprisingly well. Also, nice job on the paint scheme. The muted metallic work well, and give your army a gritty battlefield tested look. Keep it up!


Thanks, Jackswift!

Tomorrow I lead the Legion of Azgorh to WAR! Can’t be sure if the enemy will field Lizardmen or Orcs&Goblins, so I’m thinking on a rather generalist list. The Infernal Guard I tackled last week were actually in preparation for this fight, but I managed to get that game against Skaven out of the blue.

Today I bring you, my fellow Sorcerer-Prophets, a Bull Centaur Taur’ruk - Zhardanapalus!

This is the last ‘unique’ model I had to paint from my collection - I actually have 3 more Renders to work on but I’ve already painted those models before, 6 times!

Zhardanapalus is, by all reckoning, a glutton. Some would say the Taur’ruk could easily out-eat an Ogre in a eating contest - perhaps even eating said Ogre - his hunger in the sacred feasts and the violence-ridden orgies under the Temple of Hashut in glorious Zharr-Naggrund eventually having the Bull Centaur being sent down the River Ruin with the latest batch of ‘recruits’ to the Black Fortress. Zhardanapalus is a clever commander, though, despite the ravings of madness that afflict all of Hashut’s Chosen, and has proven himself more than able to join in the politics of the Priesthood in the unique way that the holy Bull Centaurs occupy both inside and outside of the great hierarchy of Zharr. The Taur’ruk knows how to play the part of the stupid brute, but both he and the Renders that he leads, togheter with their own cunning Bahl’al Zharrosh, are quite vicious and terrible foes. Their guttural war cries once unleashed by the Sorcerer-Prophet that holds their oaths are both terrifying to hear, as the horde of monstrous beasts ride hard in a wall of muscle and steel to trot down the enemy. Drazoath, however, is a malicious and astute commander, and can see through Zhardanapalus posture as the Taur’ruk thrashes messily over the mobs of slaves brought to the Render’s own holy banquets. He knows the Taur’ruk to be quite a valuable asset - specially as revered as he name is amongst the priesthood in Zharr-Naggrund. His name is full of sacred relevance, and his spawning had been seen in the Fires of the Altars of Hashut as particularly auspicious. Perhaps it is time that the Taur’ruk’s good luck comes to help Lord Drazoath’s own bid for power.

Zhimboul begs for Zhardanapalus’ attention in a humble audience, the Daemonsmith half-ignored by the Taur’ruk as he amuses himself with one of his Renders. I love how huge the FW Bull Centaurs are compared to Chaos Dwarfs. Monstrous, kinda like Dragon Ogres in feeling.

Also I learned that given the numbers I have I can actually use them not only to hold flanks but to actually push and crush flanks!


Oops, Hey boss did we tread on something?

Nice fluff and nice models al round


Heh, yeah, precisely the sort of image I had in mind.

Today I’ve fought Orcs&Goblins. Savage Orcs are crazy nice! Had never really faced them, but Zhardanapalus shone gloriously on his first battle, chopping a Savage Orc Big Boss in a challenge in a single round! His good luck was not only imagined!

I’ve been to our local wargaming club today, and managed to get the full army pictures as suggested by Abecedar. In hindsight I should have probably laid the army on anything else than a snow mat. Oh, well! The Legion of Azgorh scours the mountain passes of Bagrada.

Drazoath the Ashen, Sorcerer-Prophet, Master of the Legion of Azgorh

Zhardanapalus the Taur’ruk, and his Bull Centaur Renders

The Infernal Guard

The Iron Daemon

The Deathshrieker Rockets and Daemonsmith

My converted Earthshaker, originally an Imaginext toy from their first medieval line. Using it lately as a Dreadquaker Mortar without the steam carriage. Daemonsmith on the right.

Hellcannon and Daemonsmith

The K’daai Fireborn

And there we have it! I still have 3 Bull Centaur Renders on the to-paint line, but all in all that must amount to some 3500 points of WFB 8th - Legion of Azgorh list. I should check it with Battlescribe soon.


A true Legion of Azgorh :hat off!

I like it very much, especially the really cool death train. You did an excellent job on this.

It looks like on the bases there is a lot of plain plastic. Is that true? If so what do you plan to do about it?


Ah, yes, basing - my one true nemesis!

I’ve actually been planning and experimenting some different styles of basing. While I like the magma bases we often see around here, I kinda prefer my own take on a ‘Dark Lands’ Ash and Cinder Wasteland-feel through using black and graphite-coloured thin gravel.

The problem is that it doesn’t become readily noticeable in pictures, while doing an ok-job when you look at it IRL. My greatest achievement on the field of basing is on the Hellcannon base, I believe, where I used actual charcoal to make large chucks of obsidian and vitrified rock


A charcoal look is really a good idea.

Only thing is that it will normally suck all light and will not be very good visible from some distance or very good lighting (I think so).

In my experience real world materials without treatment look simply “too real” :). Look at stones or wood. If you set a real stone or wood stick on a base it looks a little out of place or incomplete (at least for me).

Most people basecoat their stones and then paint them.

Same with highlights and washes on the miniatures. Only with the normal, realistic colors deeper and higher areas would be there but only visible if you look from very close.

I would fear that charcoal breaks very easily, too.

I would recommend using slate pieces to simulate charcoal or obsidian and paint it accordingly (black with grey or green or red highlights).

Simple sanded bases in a grey ashen theme look great, too. Some people used it already with great success here on the forum.

Fuggit Khan:

Your Iron Daemon is so awesome, I love everything about it <3

Nice mix of old and new mini’s too :hat off


A very nice looking army you’ve done here. Good looking paint jobs. The Irondemon is the best miniature in this army, the 3rd edition models fit so well on that thing! Wow - super awesome.


Youve assembled a good looking army there!


You are right, Hooded, it looks good but easily sucks the light out in any pictures - it works on the gaming table but not so much on the pictures. Maybe because the bases are so dark/black in colours.

I’ll try to highlight up with drybushing, perhaps to define the edges more harshly to distract the eye.

Also planning on trying my hand at mud-caked bases. A friend of mine uses something we call ‘vegetal earth’, that is simply black dirt moisted until it becomes mud-like and then smeared on the bases lightly. Since it is dark brown it is a great way to do snow bases with simple white, layers of drybrushing, and perhaps could try to ‘Ash-Waste’ those.

Pappa Midnight:

Very nice looking army. I have to agree about the Iron Daemon… Excellent work.



Great army !

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