[Archive] The (little) Masque of Slaanesh


As I read the new White Dwarf today, I coundn’t help but notice that the Masque of Slaanesh is seen on a picture next to the new deamonettes… Now, the question is… is it just me, who is rather stupid, or did anyone else think it was larger than it is too?? It’s just as small as the other models! I honestly thought it was bigger due to the single pictures of it… I thought it was the size of the deamon prince… or at least an ogre!!! I’m so dissapointed… and/or stupid :o


I had two impressions of it. The picture of the model on GW’s sneak peek page makes it look very large and impressive, but it appears to be a “special character” for a daemonic army and while it makes sense for a daemonic special character to be large and impressive, most special chars in WarhammerFB/40k armies tend to be of human scale.

These days I’m tempted to think of GW as just cheesing out and doing the least complicated/impressive thing.


I never thought it looked that big to be honest. Lok at the base for clues. 40mm bases just look different to 20 or 25mm. I think its because the basing materials look smaller in comparison


I thought it looked Ogre-sized too!


i always thought it looked man (well woman) sized. fairly lame design compared to what it could have been, comparing it to the slaanesh artwork in liber chaotica.