[Archive] The Manflayers


In a recent event at my LGS store (A large 5 VS 5 game at 2500 points each) I took a very large unit of Mengils Manflayers (all 15 of them) in my Chaos Dwarf army to fill up a big chunk of points (My friend plays dark elves and wasn’t using all of his models so the Manflayers were being represented by corsairs) So I was using close to 500 points on these guys…

All in all I was really pleased with how they performed in the game. They managed to take down a giant, a mage, and most of Karl Franz and his Dragon before losing a single model. I’m pretty sure that it was these guys that helped me from getting completely annihilated.

So my question(s) is(are) this, I found the unit to be really effective in large numbers, and they provided a lot that my Chaos Dwarf army was lacking, like skirmishers, high movement rate, nice shooting. Would it be worth using them in smaller games? Or are they less effective in smaller numbers? I really liked using these guys and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to get some or not.


I have to say that i have never used them but if you did use them in a smaller points game i dont think you would be able to use them at there max numbers as it would be to much of a points drain on the army. If you use them in a smaller unit you will have to pick your fights more carefully as with smaller numbers you wont be able to pack as much of a punch and you can soak up hits as much, if you did use them i would restrict your targets to warmachines and the like and let your cd units deal with the harder stuff


Well Mengils Manflayers are very very good so if you are allowed, you should use them. The only problem is you need to be able to defend them from magic - it’s alot of points you can loose to a few fireballs.

My Archmage with book of Hoeth have a few Manflayer unit on his kill list (flames of the phoenix :slight_smile:

Gar Shadowfame:

MMM are one of the best units avaiable in the game, they can literately anihilate armies if played well.


Thanks for the replies guys (no rhyme intended), that actually really helps, I didn’t want to pick them up if they wouldn’t be effective in smaller game, but I get the impression that they are if they’re supported well.

Alright, thanks a lot fellow slavemasters :hat off