[Archive] The Metal Beards are back!



This time Titan Forge is releasing an army rather than a fantasy football team.

The last stretch goal is clearly a chaos dwarf character.


Very cool, and the price is actually reasonable (unlike the models on Titan Forge’s website, imo!). But I already have too many dwarfs… would be interested in the chaos dwarf if it unlocks, though.

Looks the minimum pledge to pick-and-choose models will be $50, at least at the moment.


Looking very nice I must say. I’ll be half tempted by those for my ever evolving CD army.


They’d make some great allies for Astragoth!


They'd make some great allies for Astragoth!

Lol that's what I was thinking...
The hero and battle standard look like they could maybe fit in though.. They don't have the metal legs so I'm sure they would look halfway normal with FW or whatever models .. I wonder what some of the war machines look like??


They’ll be perfect for Squat robots in 40k and certainly have some use for CDs in WHFB.


Too bad they are too small to be Kdaii. :frowning:


Thanks for the info. It’s an ambitious roject - but there are some really cool stretch goals there. I like the point system - in many of the minature crowd funding campaigns you get too much junk.

They will definately be useable in many a chaos dwarg army. Or as squats.


I’m thinking that the Ironshields may be a very nice model for Infernal Ironsworn. kind of a different take on them than the fluff, but a dwarf who has been improved by a master daemonsmith and is now a living construct of hate, fire, and metal!


Probably find a use for them somewhere, but they are really too “Steam Punk” for me


Weapons might be kind of cool though to use as GWs on some IG or something … The standard bearer isn’t to bad either…


Just pledged, and seeing as the goal has already been reached, looks like Astragoth will have some buddies!


The mountain crushers could make some fire born


Dunno what to say about those… Kinda cool but not… hmmm


Dunno what to say about those... Kinda cool but not...... hmmm

They're also releasing an 'evil' dwarf range ;)


They are too disruptive for a lot of us, but we still have time to think about it.

I’m waiting for images of canon and gatling gun to decide if I pledge or not, even if the heroes are very cool.

Mr Saturday:

I’m very interested in the evil versions of the larger mechanicals. Something to use for fireborn would be fantastic.


yep, I’m waiting to see if something more “zharr” jumps out, something like those Mountain Crusher but more “evil”, could work as Fireborn!


Not my cup of tea, cool models though. Maybe the warmachines?


Possessed Metal Beards! And some important info!

Well now, how about that! We reached our final goal for first stage of our campaign in three (THREE) days. We would say it’s pretty damn impressive! And that’s all thanks to your support - not only here, on kickstarter, but also on various forums and blogs regarding tabletop gaming! Huge THANK YOU to you guys & gals out there!

But, back to business! There is a slight change to the plan due to reaching our stretch goal! Our sculptor got a bit excited and finished two concept arts for the Possessed Metal Beards right away! Now, seeing how you were all fired up to see them, we decided to show them to you today, and the Mountain Crushers will have their moment of glory tommorow! How about that?

The rightly feared Possessed Metal Beards Warlock is an evil genious, in his own way! Creating wicked simulacra of their Metal Beards brothers, he proud himself in corrupting and defiling everything he touches! Wielding strange powers as his weapon, he is nigh unstoppable force of destruction!

Mighty Overlords of Possessed Metal Beards are a terrifying warriors. Mighty juggernaughts of death, deprived of feelings such as fear and compassion, they look only to stomp their enemies to the ground. They are often seen wearing strange masks - it is said they are holding the anger of the Overlord in check. Without them they enter a state of berserk, not recognising friend or foe, and slaying both of them withour remorse!

How do you like that little teaser of things to come? Be sure to leave your comments in the comment section!

Also, some of you asked for a little bigger add - on pledge for more points. We thought we should enable such option for you, and therefore:


The 3000 points pledge is still being discussed.