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Hello all,

Just wanted to drop by and say hi. Ive been lurking these forums for quite some time. Ive been huge into regular Dwarf miniatures and have quite abit of themprepares for stones to be thrown. I have recently came into pocession of some Older CD minis and wanted to start up a smaller army of them.

This is a great site and I have been able to get some great tips from the forums.



Welcome!, post your pics here, this site will probably never fail you when you need insperation.

in my opinion all dwarfs are awsome,they are beer drinking party obseesed miners!, and when he swings his axe you dont lose your head, you get copped of at the knees!.

good luck with you minis and we’re waiting to see som pics!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Welcome to the site!

Don’t worry about the “Good Dwarf” mini’s. I think all of us pretty much started with a box of them or a Battle for Skull Pass set. It’s how we were introduced to Dwarfs in general.

I also have a large army of “Good Dwarfs”. I got pretty far with them until a friend of mine started killing me with about 1/2 the ammount of Wood Elves. The Dwarf’s short 3" movement is quite impeeding and he’d send in WE horsemen to attack my cannons. 3 Dwarfs against 10 We lancers on horses didn’t stand a chance. And the rest of my army were getting run down and killed to death if they ever fled. Also, the Dwarf inititive was low and the WE allways got to go first in combat.

So, I started looking for an alternative and liked the CD’s and the idea that a BFSP set can make a full CD army. This gives me some better movement, still has Dwarfs and now includes Hobgoblins.

Also, the Blunderbuss crew are awesome at close range and the Hobgoblin Wolf Riders will be great to use for Fast Calvalry.

Now I just have to finish building my BFSP Cd army and I can challenge him again!

Can’t wait! :smiley:


Welcome here!

It´s no problem with your “normal” dwarfs … you can easily convert them to CD as you can see on my post! :wink:

I´m keen to see pics of your minis either in the gallery or also in the off-topic section :cheers



Well I am not sure about turning my whole Dwarf army into CDs, still love me Dwarfs, but I got some of the old 80-90s Chaos Dwarfs now that I am starting with and will be picking up some more from a friend. Start small and build up from there. I will post some pics of them soon.



Hey, I try not to judge about any army!

I think it’s great you’re expanding a little into CDs. If you keep most of your dwarfs, that’s cool too. plenty of people have a wide variety of armies around here, so I bet you won’t be the only one!

enjoy it here Madruk. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

lol most of these people here have dwarfs!! lol we don’t stone people here

they just turn to stone!! welcome any way!!but if your a pirate i got your back


Well I am not sure about turning my whole Dwarf army into CDs, still love me Dwarfs, but I got some of the old 80-90s Chaos Dwarfs now that I am starting with and will be picking up some more from a friend.  Start small and build up from there.  I will post some pics of them soon.


Ahhh I love the old CDs!

The real old pre-BigHat ones! What kind of CDs do you own?


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Zanko is THE MAN when it comes to original CD’s.

I’d just like a few of the older guys to “spice-up” my converted BFSP set, but I doubt I’ll ever go for a large ammount of those older mini’s.

Arakagaan Calasson:

I’ve got a big’ ol 3k Dwarf force, but most of my games are at 1k and the current book is tactially stupidly inflexible.


Welcome to the best CD site around.


Welcome to the best CD site around.

Theres another site around?

Anyways, Welcome


@ Zanko

Right now I have Spikes Harvey Wotan


Sithan Sharpsword

Narthang and Carazad


06 on http://www.solegends.com/citcat88/0309dwfboxes.htm

and 12, 22, 05 on http://www.solegends.com/citcat88/0304chaosdwfs.htm

Those are the only ones so far. Hopefully to get more.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Those old Dwarfs are pretty Kool! Wish I could get some for the “uniqueness” of it all.


Nice figures.

Good luck with your foray into CD figures.