[Archive] The newest member to my family


I would like all of you to meet the newest member of my family…


I think she’s adorable… my father wants me to shoot her with my bow (I would never, btw)

has anyone else had a skunk in their backyard? she’s digging a palace under our pool, and in my mom’s garden (although I think my mom likes her too) but my dad wants her out, and of course, he’s blocked off any exit FROM our yard.

Any advice on how to have her quietly leave without hurting her? I’ve heard you can shine a flashlight on the holes at night with a soft playing radio and she’ll just get annoyed and leave.

So, yah, anything guys? thanks!

Pyro Stick:

I dont know much about skunks but heres the newest additions to my family, born about 3 days ago:



I seriously let out the most enamoured “awwwwwwwww” around the 20 second mark. they are TOO CUTE! I’m sure my cats and dog would love having a chinchilla around the house. lol

Kera foehunter:

Sojorn  i had a friend that had one for a pet. They caught it and took it to a vet and got it decented . They are very smart animals they can be house broken too and use a litter box!!!

           Sejorn this might be the best time to get her removed  if she digging a hole she might be ready to have babys!!!

you need to have some type of predator to get her moving on!! DONT LET YOUR DOG GET CLOSE !!!

or you have food put out side the fence . Cat food sould do the trick. Some farm store have stuff that will repell rodents and skunks too!!!


I agree with the behaviour you are discribing. Sounds like she is looking for a place to set up a den.

Kera is right these little buggers are indeed smart and keep the tomato juice handy should your dog tangle with Mrs skunk.

You might to involve wildlife pest control to help. Barring that send out Xander and Vex after they have had a few pints…


that really is my dad’s concern that Shadow (my puppy dog, all 95lbs of him) will get curious and get sprayed. Like I said though, my dad has closed up any holes to exit through and since skunks don’t climb, she’s kinda trapped in our predator free yard.

I have heard they make great pets too! they can eat cat food and behave nicely (after de-scenting that is!)

I also think she’s trying to find a place to have babies, however, we haven’t seen any other skunks around, and we all know there needs to be a second party involved :wink: I’m wondering if she’ll have babies and try to move on? I don’t know if skunks set up in one location and remain there after a litter.

Kera foehunter:

Well if she had her babys she and her litter would leve. they are so cute !!!

Like willmark said : give a pint to xander and Vex they would have no problems with her lol

P.S. have a vidio camera ready!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Perhaps phone the equivalent of the RSPCA or look up some kind of pest removal/dog catcher type people or just ask a local vet or something…


Surely you can hire a tranquiliser gun?

That ought to solve the problem.


No. Let the pros do it. They can capture hr without harm and release her in the wild.


Dynamite. Works every time.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

kick it! no no no sorry moment of madness can’t you just wear a mask pick it up and put it outside your garden that’s what i’d do then kick it no sorry again i just going to leave:sad


I dont know much about skunks but heres the newest additions to my family, born about 3 days ago:

Pyro Stick
that is overly cute, that and the 2nd video of them in the bath

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

is that the size of a chinchillar or have zoomed in 'cos they look the size of rabbit’s