[Archive] The Ogre Tyrant and His Bull Calf, by Zhargonidus


[align=center]The Ogre Tyrant and His Bull Calf, by Zhargonidus[/align]

Once upon a time, there was a mighty Ogre Tyrant who lorded it over his mountain valley. One day, one of his females bore him a son. The boy was rotund and large for a newborn. Glad for this good omen, the father took his son to the Butcher.

“Here. See his future and tell me what you see,” said the Ogre Tyrant.

The Butcher bit an unsuspecting Gnoblar slave in half and read its spilt innards.

“The guts have spoken! The Bull Calf will become strong and brawny. He will beat his foe in the maw pit, and he will become even stronger than his father. One day he will challenge you for the right to lead the tribe. He is a son to be proud of,” divined the Butcher.

Then the Ogre Tyrant seized his son and devoured the Bull Calf. The Butcher was astonished.

“Why did you eat him?” asked the Butcher.

“One day when he had become older, he would have been stronger than me. He would have challenged me,” said the Ogre Tyrant.

“Yes, but it was not foretold who would win,” said the Butcher.

“Perhaps I could have defeated him when he was a fully grown Bull, but why take the risk? I certainly could defeat him as a newborn. Now I have already won,” explained the Ogre Tyrant, and burped loudly. For to nip a threat in its bud is to safeguard your future the easy way.

- The Ogre Tyrant and his Bull Calf, by Despot Zhargonidus Doombeard, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories, of our present time*


* This story is merely a slightly refined version of an actual Ogre fable. Though recently published by Zhargonidus, the moral of the fable resounds with Dawi Zharr stratagems throughout the millennia, which have aimed at crushing any potential threat amongst Greenskin leaders in particular. Cut off the head, and the snake will die.