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For those of you who’ve not seen this posted on HoH, i’ve been trying to create a CD force using the end tips and lids of biros with gs. So for your viewing pleasure, i give you my dawi zhar

Hmmm…still not sure on the name for poor old Zorag, but its the best i could come up with

another nameless hero, this time a scroll caddy. I think i’ll do an Aladinesque gobbo genie coming out of a lamp for the other marker. Too cliche?

should be able to make out the detail on these fellas…small unit sizes make me want get another BFSP set

arabic script with suitably organic decoration (not sure if u can make out all the gore)

the pioneer, the first CD i ever made. Not bad for a first attempt IMO

and his lads

more to come to watch this space


Not much for the color scheme (too much bright red for me), but the sculpting is very good! Like that standard of the BSB. Also, have you sculpted all the “naked faces”? (i.e. the BSB and the champion?)


There’s a ton of BFSP dwarfs on ebay, might be cheaper that way than buying the whole box.


I love the Eastern feel that you give all of your Dawi! By the way, is that Dispell Scroll marker next to the Sorcerer a hookah? If so…that’s awesome! :cheers

The Flying Beaver:

That Hookah is very cool, you should definately make the gobbo genie.


ok, update.

First up are my favoured hobbos (ie, light armour and shield). I may redo them as i hadn’t figured the arabic theme when they were done. If i do they’ll e much more in keeping with the hobbo archers (see below)

and the unit filler, intending to have them based as the Plain of Skulls

the more stereotypical arab hobbos. my archers

and a bit of fire support a scratchbuilt bolt thrower

and lastly, the salt of the earth, the dregs of our society, a sample of the slaves (2pt hobbos)


the hookah, for those interested in making their own, is very easy to do. It is made of, from top to bottom:

tip of militia blunderbuss

mordheim buckler

empire cannon ramrod

upturned empire knights plume (reiksguard)

gs the coals and hose, add plasticard tubes as the oxygen intake and the pipe-end

ok, some hopefully titilating WIPs for your viewing pleasure:

sorry i haven’t replied sooner but the damn login wouldn’t let me into my account, kept looping the login screen. But working now, so carpe dium